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  • jason
  • sole
  • belen
  • jen
  • potch
  • nick
  • dan
  • dietrich
  • havi

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Hooray! Everybody is back from PTO and back up to speed
  • Spent a ton of time reviewing expense reports, end-of-year event sponsorship requests, etc.
  • Sole's intern coming in this summer!
  • I must finish your review this week. I can't do this without your Q4 report. PLEASE GET IT IN
  • Who's available for GDC March 14-18? (most of us)
  • PLEASE use the DevAdvocacy Bugzilla keyword
  • PLEASE create more video content
  • Put your Q1 goals in by the end of the week
  • Actions:
    • Havi: Get stats on last two WADI posts on Hacks and forward them to Bill Walker (dwalsh & myk/oghliner)
    • Dan: Look into Uservoice + DevRel thread going to Discourse instead?

2-Minute Updates


  • Peninsula.js logistics
  • RTCPeerConnection
    • ICE video/Hacks


  • Working on tons of CFP stuff
  • Working on a talk about building "ten foot UIs" for televisions. E.g., office dashboards.
    • Viewport units, etc. Provides framing to show off lots of DevTools and newer CSS features
  • Working on Peninsula.js website
    • Trying to do something similar ot WaffleJS or BrooklynJS
  • Putting together a talk on hotreloading when working on DevTools


  • Check the CFP calendar - many CFPs closing this Friday and end of month.
  • Preparing to launch first Tech Speakers session of 2016 (will be all-women, beginning in early-mid Feb)
  • Content planning for tech speaker training & other content for Singapore Leadership Summit (participation)
  • Hacks needs posts - please...
  • Managing / facilitating consulting / debugging on current activities of the 16 current Tech Speakers


  • booking confences, 13 booked, including with 2 workshops, 1 more in progress, waiting to hear from the CFPs: An Event Apart (all 7, one w/workshop), Enhance Conf, Respond Sydney & Melbourne, Web Design Day Pittsburg, Design & Content Vancouver (w/workshop) are booked
  • planning a CSS Grid workshop in NYC with fantasai for late Feb:
  • wrote a piece for A List Apart
  • had interview at Ampersand Conf transcribed, edited the transcription
  • bunch of connecting to people
  • email. email. email. trying to get caught up


  • Lots of meetings with many people about many topics
  • Sent proposals to a couple conferences, did quite a bit of research before writing/sending one to make sure I would not submit something that already exists
  • Merging PR from Boo (contributors!!! yay!!!), adding another example
  • Preparing for a session about how to do a thing with Web Audio
  • Maybe doing some meetuping about connected devices here in London


  • Worked on getting Intern Job Listing setup
  • Getting GDC planning started March 14-18
  • Finalized Headcount
  • Dev Edition 45 Release Devrel Planning
  • Quarter Reviews
  • Reading WebRTC specs and digging through Mozilla code to see how Firefox Implements to work on Nicks project
  • Still working on Dev Advocacy Feedback loop with Engineering
  • NDA with chipmaker for COAP stack


  • Reported Q4 goals
  • Applied for Indian visa
  • Worked on Rust talk for CodeFreeze this Thursday
  • Reviewed old Hacks articles on XHR+CORS and Hardware Acelleration for accuracy -- CORS w/Fetch?
    • Still accurate, but we might want to put together an updated Fetch+CORS and Gecko HWAccel posts to point to
  • Worked on DrupalCon India talk on WADI; got Bill Walker's Mozlando deck to crib from.


  • Techspeakers round 3 planning and candidate selection.
  • 2015 round-up
  • Q1 goals
  • talk for NCU next week
  • worked on a a-frame component for mapping items on a cylinder
  • tested a-frame + gamepad on android


  • Came back from holidays on Thursday (I BAKED THIS CX_C2djWMAUhmy7.jpg ) wow! can we get one mailed to MV? :P
  • Doing videos for Global Game Jam
  • Preparing proposals for a few CFP
  • I'm presenting the JS gamedev talk at Betabeers BCN meetup on tuesday next week, so I need to adapt the slides a bit.
  • I've been asked by some Uni student association in Portugal to give a talk there in their tech week, but I have mixed feelings (lack of diversity)
  • Was bored on Sunday and drew this


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

  • Are any of us going to MWC?
    • If we need DevRel to be there, we'll send Belén.

Anything Else?