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  • sole
  • belen
  • callahad
  • jensimmons
  • sandra
  • Nick
  • potch
  • jason

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Get your quarterly goals in!
  • Nick is leaving Mozilla at the end of the week. Potch is responsible for giving him a good send-off.

2-Minute Updates


  • PeninsulaJS This week!
    • Need to figure out appropriate way to charge/donate for future events
  • CfP torrent continues
  • DevTools spelunking


  • helping test out new serviceworkers debugging features in devtools - finding plenty weird edge case bugs, sadly I think the feature will have to be delayed
  • also attended meeting re improving console + debugger in devtools, this will be a long process
  • the mediarecorder relaunch will be delayed too - still planning on writing the post etc but at a less 'manic' pace
  • got accepted for jsconf UY! Also planning another conf in Greece
  • recorded session for peer to peer on Web Audio
  • helped debug/isolate interesting Web Audio bug
  • made an unpublished screencast to show how to use try builds... to learn how to use screenflow better, will add the bumper and render + upload later, if you're all cool with it I can upload it to our youtube channel etc


  • Created a new example for MediaRecorder (was missing)
  • Talk "JS game development with Phaser" at Betabeers BCN meetup
  • Been asked to deliver an extended version into another meetup in BCN in late-february
  • Finished creating assets for the "HTML 5 game developement" intro videos. They will be published into our Youtube channel once the contractor produces them.
  • Preparing talk for Freakend (game dev gathering / unconference in Madrid, in two weeks) about game jams
  • It seems I'm switching to make VR demos
  • Might go to GDC in the end?


  • GGJ 2016
  • Event Content focus - 2015 was games and VR, same for 2016?
  • Role update


  • (See email to devrel list)


  • (Offline)





  • Push API post
  • Reviewed and published Chris (WebSpeech) and Nicks (OMT WebGL)posts of Hacks
  • Finished up review cycle
  • Finished Q4 accomplishment slides
  • GDC Planning


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

  • To add captions to our videos, shall we purchase it ourselves and then expense it?
    • Yep, for now.

Anything Else?