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  • jason
  • jen
  • potch
  • havi
  • ladybenko

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • (Someone take notes for Jason)

2-Minute Updates


  • When through SharedArrayBuffer Examples, MDN docs, and reviewed JS Blog post from Lars.
  • DK2 testing with WebVR examples
  • Going through WASM spec
  • Getting Trello setup up for Platform access for our team.
  • Working on Scoping Feedback App for Tech Speakers -Dietrich and Havi We need to discuss this.
  • GDC Planning
  • Planning Process feedback
  • Working on setting up meetings with other OS game engines to recruit for MDN - Spawned by Belen’s Vids
  • Reviewed Platform Events Schedule



  • Doublestitch, an add-on for Pocket in Firefox
  • Edited some MDN docs for add-on stuff
  • CD community meeting planning
  • PSU project review
  • Lined up talks for Tech In Asia series for 2016
  • some Fennec crash research to connect a staff member w/ the right people.
  • Coord for Moz PDX office hosting in Design Week Portland
  • Testing RPi2 builds!
  • Coordinating RPi2 feedback-launch, FML
  • Tech Speakers Phase 2 deck
  • Hosted PDX R Meetup Group in the office (>700 members in the group!)
  • More IoT hacking, bluetooth sux


  • The need for contributor access to a devrel list - Tech Speakers who are NDA'ed (or equivalent) need access to a shared list. Do we really need 3 lists?
  • HACKS: Implementing CSP on AMO post released. Still seeking content for rest of Feb/early March - nothing on calendar this week
  • Tech Speakers phase 2 deck in progress - shared w/all for Feedback
  • Logistics for current Pilot #3 and managing 1:1s w/various active Tech Speakers who are


  • Dev-to-Dev conference tomorrow!
    • Presenting a vr workshop "Browsers in the Third Dimension!"
  • GDC stuff simmering


  • wrote and recorded screencast on devtools reload (nee hotreload), only to have to re-record it again because no one thought of telling me about the new name >_<
  • interviewing candidates
  • 'soft-launch' of peer:peer video
  • working on WP+let's encrypt (coordinating with WADI for their web push plugin)
  • also preparing Milano WebGL talk


  • writing new talks — for Enhance Conf & the main talk for the rest of the year
  • my email broke (missing MX records for 5 days). Rerouted everything, new DNS, new email server, new apps — ditching GMail. Tweeted about it. Then chomping through emails, over 250, in attempt to get to Inbox Zero again.
  • recorded TWA ep 114 — need to send out to be edited. By the new editor.
  • preparing TWA ep113 to be published today
  • travel plans, promoting upcoming conferences,
  • Booked CSS Dev Nodic — also, starting to turn down invitations (too busy!)
  • made suggestion for FF Dev Tools, visual tool for ARIA:
  • bunch of work on FF Dev Tool for Shapes, both shape-outside and clip-path. Connected Razvan Caliman to our team. and
  • setup lunch in London with Jean-Yves and Razvan Caliman for next week
  • setting up a New Website Kickoff Sprint week in NYC for April 25–29 — Belén, Potch, Havi, Jen, Jason, Dietrich (maybe)


  • Tinkering with different WebVR libraries (BabylonJS, Aframe, webvr-boilerplate, etc). Basically banging my head against a wall (graphic depiction giphy.gif )
  • Started to do some A-frame demos
  • This wednesday I'll be speaking at a meetup in BCN. It'll be a longer (~1h) version of my JS game dev talk, which I'm adapting
    • Problem? There're several public transporation strikes in BCN this week, so I don't think many people will come. BUT I've been told it will get recorderer, so I still think it's worth it.


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

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