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  • potch
  • jason
  • ladybenko
  • dietrich
  • sole
  • callahad
  • havi

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Our 2016 budget is finalized.
  • NYC Meetup? Wait for Jason's confirmation before booking.
  • Bryan Clark has DevTools engineers speaking at events, wants to log activity on some sort of calendar
    • REMINDER: When adding yourself to the speaker calendar, INCLUDE YOUR TOPIC (retrospectively if you have upcoming events too)
    • Dietrich + Jason also considering creating a new, all-staff speaking calendar.
    • Potch + Havi announce that we're tracking CFPs in a calendar:

Highlights (New Section)

What might be big that we need to be aware of? Learn anything interesting?

  • [callahad]: Fedora is unhappy with the add-on signing policy; we're considering an exception for Linux distros.
    • Current proposal: Add-ons installed by the distro's package manager in a protected location are exempt from Mozilla signing.
  • [callahad]: The Mozilla Gear Store is shutting down at the end of the month. Everything 30% off, staff get an extra 20% off.
    • If shipping is too crazy, I'd be happy to haul stuff to MozLondon for people.
  • [callahad]: Service Worker caveat: there's currently no way to clear cached data:
  • [sole] I hear there's plans for displaying and editing the 'storage' area in DevTools, but so far it's a) disabled and b) not actively worked on IIRC
  • [ladybenko]: if anybody needs support from Rainer to edit videos, give me a shout
  • [ladybenko]: since we are sponsoring WordCamp, we have a few tickets to give away (to diversity groups)
  • [sole]: Service Workers support for debugging in Firefox DevTools already in Nightly, feels very nice and stable. Some bugs too, but usable and 'promoteable' already. A screencast and a post coming for this week's Dev Edition. People seem interested too
  • [sole] MediaRecorder 'relaunch' announcement hopefully for next week, I'll try to finish the post for next week this week as I'll be in Toronto with DevTools. Started promoting some of the demos in twitter and people seem to like the 'cool stuff': (RTs are appreciated :P)
  • [dietrich]: Team weekly summary - project meeting, newsletter, blog post, tweet (where else?)
  • [dietrich]: Web API quality -
  • [potch]: Talk on TV-friendly web content accepted to ScotlandJS
  • [potch]: Wrote a blog post on the benefits of WebExtensions for Add-on developers, coming this week
  • [potch]: Did you know about ?
  • [potch]: Advocating for better MDN search: YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSssSSSsSSsSsS!!!!yes plz no mor ZUL

Focus This Week (New Section)

What are you planning to work on this week?

  • [callahad]: Post-conference comms catchup, finish rebuilding my blog, and hack on DevRel dashboard
    • Also, finally getting immunized against Chickenpox.
  • [ladybenko] Prepare for GDC – still haven't received the demos / script :(
    • Continue to work on the WordCamp talk in the meantime
  • [sole]
    • finish articles for hacks (Service workers debugging in devtools +media recorder relaunch) and leave them just a 'publish' click away
    • finish booking trips and things for a couple more conferences
    • finish finding out a couple of letsencrypt details for my WordCamp talk but so far so good (and exciting). if you're working or thinking of working on encryption stuff let me know
  • [potch]
    • Trainspotting post
    • GDC Demo review
    • 8-bit explainer of patent issues
    • Fixing some Hacks bugs
  • [dietrich]
    • NYC VR curriculum
    • IoT experiments with old phones
    • Working on presentation about mission/privacy/security for IoT, early run with local meetup groups
    • Travel planning for Mozfest & IoT stuff related to MoFo activities
  • [jason]
  • Two on site meetings with code schools
  • 2016 second half planning
  • Working on JSON Viewer mods for possible video
  • [havi]
    • pilot 3 ongoing - Week 4 w/People Rocket
    • existing gear store:
    • working on contract for Flaki to support Tech Speakers with training materials, experimental pilot
    • working on Phase 2 plan / deck and next steps
    • finding Hacks posts: security cheat sheet?, Sole's post, trainspotting

Non-Verbal Updates (Renamed Section)


  • Submitted to a bazillion CFPs
  • Filed a ton of bugs
  • Got pulled into a sec-critical / denial of service bug in Persona
  • Got pulled into a discussion with Fedora's Engineering Steering Committee re: add-on signing.
    • Should have a path forward this week or next.
  • Built and benchmarked Servo WebRender on a few demos.
    • Pretty dramatic (but expected) performance drop between 96 dpi monitor and my laptop's built-in Retina display.
  • Started porting my blog to Hugo (Go) instead of Nanoc (Ruby) so I can publish things again.


  • (offline)


  • Meet with Eclipse on IOT projects
  • Got Devtools Reload working
  • Setup visits for this week with two code school campuses
  • Reviewed VR posts and helped rewrite one of them.
  • Jan/Feb finance reconciliation
  • DE 46 release planning


  • trying out the new connection ipad in the office
  • finished serviceworkers screencast
  • booking travelssss
  • letsencrypting
  • I got a Raspberry Pi 3!!!



  • Submitted, a bunch of CfPs
  • Want to play with refining
  • Will work with WADI team on refining my platform analysis scripts


  • Doing research & making slides for my talk at WordCamp in April about (getting rid off) CSS frameworks
    • Gave a shot at "new" frameworks, but it turns out I still hate them too
    • During my tinkering with css grid, I got over hyped. Talking with Sole, the layout.css.grid.enabled flag is enabled by default in Nightly. When we can expect to have it enabled in Dev Edition?


  • Hacks - 2 VR posts last week! Lots of editorial help required, but good reader numbers.
  • Discussion about using vendor to produce Conf handout about specific topics - (
  • Coordinating bunches of tech speaker travel, ordering TS swag, updating calendars


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?