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  • sole (in writing 8-))
  • ladybenko
  • jensimmons
  • flaki
  • Jason
  • Salva
  • ladybenko
  • havi
  • mikee <-- what's your preferred nick?
  • Gio

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

Verbal Highlights

Anything blocking you? Anything interesting to report?

  • [ladybenko] Just came back from holidays \o/ Also, I'll be a speaker at View Source Berlin (You can hover over the text to get a tooltip with the author -- in this case, ladybenko)
  • [callahad] Great reception at PyCon; from the people I spoke with, our best regarded products are MDN and Rust, not Firefox. Also, *huge* round of applause when I mentioned Let's Auth.
  • [havi] Berlin Tech Speaker Meetup planning is full-speed ahead
    • [mikee] visa letters to Tech Speakers have been sent out, also doing some last minute support for a conf. we'll be going to.

Plan for This Week

What will you do this week?

  • Sole: follow up on MediaRecorder talks + lotsa bug filing, more scheduling meetings for next week, maybe looking at the code of our dashboard website ;-)
  • Havi: Finish Tech Speaker Phase 2 application criteria/form; work on Tech Speaker Phase 2 masterclass calendar and Labs plan; organize my sched for LDN & plan for BER week after; publish DE 49 post in Hacks, possibly also Florian's JS errors post; complete draft of content agenda for Berlin Tech Speaker meetup; think about preparing for my elective w/Elio called "Public Speaking as a Service"
  • Belén: catch up with everything, get wasm demo finished so I can get feedback from Wasm people at London


  • plan and then teach a one-day workshop on Grid for the designers at Clearleft
  • prep for London, setting up meetings, catching up on Mozilla email, watching the pre-note videos
  • researching layout: Linotype machine, photo-compositing, VU magazine, and the change from metal type to film
  • creating demos of Grid, figuring out autoplacement (I hope)
  • I need to make a lot of progress on my feature article for Net Mag
  • I keep getting sucked into thinking about Progressive Web Apps. Tweeted a ton. Had a lot of conversations in response. Keep walking away. Don't write more, Jen. Focus. Focus on layout. Leave 'PWA' alone... walk away...
  • working at Clearleft in Brighton UK all week:
  • Flaki: PWA workshop Tuesday in Oslo!
  • Flaki: to catch up with reporting of last few weeks in conferences
  • callahad: WebExtension prep, dashboard polish, PyCon trip report, presenting PWAs at OpenSourceNorth

Summary of Last Week

What did you accomplish last week?





  • Hacks: Published Basics of building 3D games on the Web by Andrzej Mazur; lined up some new posts for this week (hopefully)
  • Tech Speakers monthly call: delivered updates on TS Meetup Berlin (content & logistics); Tech Speakers at View Source
  • Tech Speakers Berlin meetup: lots of planning
  • Masterclass planning for Phase 2: scheduling speakers, figuring out how to get payments to guest speakers.
  • Renewing Flaki's contract through end of year.
  • Decided to work from Berlin week after MozLDN, to visit our TS Meetup venues, connect w/folks there, etc



  • spoke at WebRebels in Oslo (Norway), on MediaRecorder, great crowd and lots of interesting questions / use cases / bugs to file. Also lots of interesting inspiring talks! Came back energised and also very exhausted *_*
  • filed bug for thing that bugs me
  • supplied more materials for press article on MediaRecorder
  • figuring out meetings for during work week
  • figuring out logistics for Sam


  • traveled to Norway
  • rewrote my 60min talk to fit into 40mins
  • presented at CSS Conf Nordic
  • met Håkon Lie, pitched him my ideas for revised Regions spec, heard his about overflow: page-*
  • called Alan Stearns at Adobe to discuss ideas after the meeting with Håkon
  • convinced CSS Conf to caption all their videos
  • 26 new subscribers to Layout Land [question: what is layout land?] >
  • heard from Apple that they've fixed up break-* (likely partly in response to my lobbying)
  • read 3 more CSS Specs: Pseudo-Elements, Template Layout, Transforms
  • made headway with email, mostly in the immigration line at LHR
  • been writing a feature article for Net Mag


  • Had fun in Japan 😎


  • Was at CSSConf Nordic, Web Rebels, NodeConf Oslo
  • Gave a talk at Framsia, Oslo on Progressive Webapps on Wednesday
  • Gave a lightning talk ("Open Mic") at Web Rebels, on web of things and JavaScript on hardware stuff
  • Helped out at the Tessel workshop on Sunday
  • Helping View Source + reviewing talk proposals


  • Work on the Port and preparing taks goals for London



  • Give a talk about PWA in Lisbon, Porto and Cáceres [1]
  • Run PWA codelab in Lisbon, Porto and Cáceres [2]
  • Give a talk about Mozilla and the Open Web in Porto [3]
  • Publish the first version of a real progressive web application [4]. My intention is to put it in production but keeping it simple enough to be a good codebase for learning.

[1] (I'm updating this right now as I changed it from Thursday to Friday) [2] [3] [4]


Other Topics

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Q & A

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