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user dictionary

One of my favorite features in Firefox 2 is the inline spell check feature that underlines possible spelling mistakes as I type inside a web form. The spelling checker uses a "dictionary", a list of words (hopefully spelled correctly), one per line, in a plain text file named "persdict.dat".

You can install a dictionary for the Thunderbird email client through Thunderbird:Help Documentation:The Options Window

Dictionaries for many different languages are available through [[1]].

Update:Authors/Creating a Dictionary explains how to create and upload a dictionary for other people to use.

Firefox2/L10n_Requirements#User_Dictionaries has a few more words about user dictionaries. Firefox:2.0 QA Activities describes some tests of a few dictionaries.

developer dictionary

Some programs use an internal data structure called a "dictionary" (also called a "hash table"). See Mac:Accessibility/UniversalAccess, LocalStorage. Such a "dictionary" (in RAM) is created and destroyed as needed, and is completely independent of the user dictionary file.