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A series of HTML5 video pages under the theme of "The Heroes Behind your favourite web browser" or "The League of Extraordinary Hackers" or "Mozilla: The League of Internet Defenders!". You get the idea - a comic book themed exploration of who and what Mozilla is, focused conveying our mission to the uninitiated and highlight the fact that Mozilla is a public-service organization devoted to building and protecting the open internet for users around the world.

Our first episode

We are targeting our first episode to coincide with the Mozilla annual report (date?) and the release of Firefox 4 (date?), ie before the end of 2010.


We will design a series of comic book "pages", inside of which we will place our video interviews. Once a user presses play, the edited interviews will jump around the page, rather than simple "cuts" within a player.

After each "page" has been completed, the next page will "slide" in, similar to a JQuery carousel effect.

At the end of the video, we will have a text field and complete process for becoming a member of Mozilla (details TBD).

The entire experience will be between 2-3 minutes.


So far (with incorrect spelling):

  • Tristan Nitot
  • Mitchell Baker
  • Mary Colvig
  • Pascal Finette
  • Tomcat
  • Gandalf
  • Chibi (Satoko)
  • David Tenser
  • Guillermo Movia
  • Bob Chao
  • Brendan Eich
  • Marcia (QA)
  • Atul Varna
  • Dan Mosdale
  • Patipat
  • Peter (Moz Europe + Belgium)
  • Gorjan

Would like:

  • Surman
  • Beltzner
  • Shaver

+ More gender balance

Considering trip to Toronto for follow up, either in Robot or Carbon form.


Aside from travel, much of what is needed can be done internally.

We will need to contract a graphic designer/developer for the pages.

Considering a composer as well for some simple music.

One highly essentially spend is on proper transcription - we are experimenting with using universal subtitles here, however we may need to spend here. For pieces based on interviews, and where there is likely to be editorial input from multiple stakeholders, a word for word transcript is essential.