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Quick Summary

  • Name of the game: Dots
  • Hosted location
  • Team name: teamBlobby (Nicolas Smith & Aviv Keshet)
  • Further notes: Dots is best played with a browser with a fast JS engine, such as Firefox 4 or Chrome.

About the authors:

Nicolas Smith and Aviv Keshet are PhD students in physics at MIT, who also happen to have an unhealthy appreciation for video games. This is their first computer game project, and first foray into Javascript.


Dots is a top-down 2D puzzle game, loosely inspired by the classic game Lemmings. It has a physics sandbox feel and an arcade aesthetic sense.

Main features:

  • Mouse gesture based user interface.
  • 24 levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Minimal instructions, with learning designed to take place as you play.
  • In-game "Sandbox Mode", which can be used to create levels or to play with Dot physics.
  • <Canvas> graphics, and <Audio> tag audio.
  • Game progress persistence using localStorage
  • No outside libraries or code, except dojo for enhanced json serialization.

Some screenshots of the game:

alt text
Attract Screen
alt text
Mouse Gesture
alt text
Example Level
alt text
Example Level