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January 2011

Design / Content

  • How-to screencasts explaining how to use features of the site.

Project Pages

  • Project donation pages for featured projects
  • Basic searching / filtering for projects (by tags, name, etc)

User Dashboard

  • Recommendations engine (suggested projects, etc)

Q1 2011

Design / Content

  • General improvements on UX / Stories

User Profiles

  • Experiment with idea of badges for certain accomplishments.

Activity Streams / Dashboard / Project Pages

  • Allow users to comment on or reply to activities, replies will be threaded.
  • Allow easier "sharing" of content. Preview content when syndicating blog posts, videos, etc.

Q2 2011

Federated Social Web

  • Drumbeat user accounts should be valid WebFinger identifiers (i.e. paul@drumbeat.org) and should resolve to an XRD with information about services used by the user.
  • Drumbeat should implement OStatus in order to support cross site follows / messaging.
  • We should aim to pass SWAT0. The first "Social web acid test".

Integration with CRM


  • Whatever CRM we go with must have a Web API.
  • Events tracked in CRM:
    • User creation, deletion
    • Event creation, deletion
    • Project creation, deletion
    • Updates to major fields in these models ("major is tbd")
    • User joins a Project
    • User RSVPs to an Event

Possible Architecture

In order to make requests to the CRM API in a way that does not affect the performance of the site (and hence the user experience), the integration will need to be asynchronous. We could use Django post_save signals on the models to send messages to a message queue. Another application could then consume tasks from the message queue and do the necessary work on the CRM side.