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Drumbeat-logo.png Batucada Roadmap
Owner: Paul Osman Updated: 2011-04-15
Batucada is the software that powers the drumbeat.org website. It is a social web application that aims to connect people with interesting projects, as well as to provide projects an opportunity to get contributors and keep them informed.
Work In Progress
This document is a constant work in progress.

Project Overview

Batucada is the codename for the software that powers the drumbeat.org website. The purpose of Drumbeat.org is to connect people and projects. Batucada is a social web application with support for microblogging and activity aggregation.

Get Involved

Use Cases

Releases / Roadmap

Q1 Goals

  • Activity Streams - Improve feed generation. Reduce noise, increase signal.
  • Embedding video - Support videos from hosting services on project pages.
  • Replies - Add support for replies to statuses / activities.
  • Autocomplete "To" field when composing messages.
  • Search. (Haystack + Solr? Elastic Search?)
  • Support deleting of projects.
  • Data exports for graph info (XFN? PoCo?) and personal / project data.
  • Deployment - Minify javascript and css on deploy.

Q2 Goals

  • Design challenges - Allow projects to initiate challenges and accept submissions.
  • Deployment - Add some way of tracking slow page loads.
  • Publishing out - Connect / Publish to Twitter / FB accounts.
  • Support PubSubHubbub as publisher for activity feeds.
  • Better onboarding - Pull in social / profile data based on provided identifiers (openid, webfinger).
  • JSON Activity Streams
  • Feature - Project task board. Allow projects to specify specific asks.
  • Multiple project admins. Ability for project lead to assign roles to other users.
  • Real-time UI updates, infinite scrolling.