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  • Commenting
  • Publishing activities via PubSubHubbub

Use Cases

Publishing Replies

Jody has a blog that supports Salmon. Jody adds a link to her personal profile page on Drumbeat.org and a subscription is created. Jody posts to her blog, and an Atom entry is received by Drumbeat.org via PubSubHubbub. John is interested in what Jody blogged about and comments on Drumbeat.org. Drumbeat.org sends a salmon slap to Jody's blog with the reply. The comment now appears on both her blog and her Drumbeat.org profile.

Subscribing to Replies

Paul has a web site that aggregates his activity from drumbeat.org as well as other sources on the web. Paul posts a Status update to his project followers on drumbeat.org mentioning that he's working on the roadmap and defining Q3 goals. Brett doesn't have an account on drumbeat.org, but follows Paul's activities from his own web site. He comments on Paul's status update saying that he'd really like video hosting to be included in the roadmap. Paul's web site sends a salmon slap to drumbeat.org with the reply. The comment now appears on both Paul's web site and his drumbeat.org project page.