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NOTE: Target date for this roadmap is Dec 31st, 2010. This release represents the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) required for launch.


The following roadmap applies to the first release of Batucada, codenamed Tango. The primary goal of this release is to port the most important features from the Drupal version of drumbeat.org. Some additional features include building blocks for open web technologies that we will support, including support for OpenID logins and Activity Streams.


Copy for static pages on Drumbeat.org


  • Update copy & remove drum skin texture for Drumbeat front page feature box (bug 623320)
    • David to get design assets from Ned / Paul
    • Updated tag line from Matt
  • Update copy and project descriptions on "Our Projects" page & "Get Involved" page
    • Matt to send David updated copy
  • New Mozilla.org "About Drumbeat" page
    • Steer away from brown color palette & drumskin
      • Status update from Sean Martell splash page illustration (bug 613015)
        • Plan B if Sean can't provide?
      • Updated copy from Matt. Deadline?

i18n / l10n

  • This version will be internationalized and localizable.


  • Users can create accounts using new credentials or OpenID.
  • Users can reset their password after verifying ownership of their email address.
  • Users have profiles.
  • Users have a dashboard "Your Drum Circle" (In Progress)
    • Aggregates activity from projects / followed users.
  • Users can post status updates that will appear on the dashboards of users who follow them.
  • Captcha completion will be required upon registration.


  • Must be able to migrate users on login from Drupal passwords to new password scheme (salted SHA1). (Django takes care of this already.)


  • User profiles will have a "Message User" link.
  • Users will be able to configure email notifications. By default, they will be notified by email when someone follows or messages them.


  • Any user can create a project.
  • Projects have profiles (title, image ./ video, description, etc).
  • Project leads can use Drumbeat to send messages to users.
  • Projects will be taggable
  • Users can follow projects. Activities performed on the project will be displayed on users activity feed.
  • Projects can link to blogs / atom+rss feeds. Updates from feeds will be posted on the project activity page and will appear on the dashboards of users who follow the projects.


  • Copy and design for events page.


  • Write a script to migrate pertinent project, event and profile data from Drupal.

Activity Streams

  • Publish activity streams
  • Objects
    • Event
    • Group (Project)
    • Person
  • Verbs
    • Create (Event, Group)
    • Follow / Unfollow (Another user)
    • Join / Leave (Groups)

IT / Deployment

  • Create a vendor lib hosted on Github.
  • Create a branching structure for releases.
  • Will be staged on staging server (batucada.stage.mozilla.com)
  • Set up Nagios monitoring