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  • http://mozillaca.com
  • Mozillaca: a community initiated mozilla Drumbeat project supporting the Mozilla Community and the Open Web!
  • Production Status.Net version 0.8.0 [SVN BRANCH mozillaca_0_8_0]
  • Stage Status.Net version 0.8.0 [SVN BRANCH mozillaca_0_8_0]



  • Please report all problems to support@mozillaca.com


  • To be discussed but not in a meeting as that has not been discussed yet

Feature requests

  • admin should see a X next to all posts not just his own so that he can quickly delete spam posts
  • block users by IP
  • script that will delete all posts for blocked accounts
  • offer a 'source' parameter like Twitter does?
  • support for memcache
  • request that the xrl.in service go in core

Modified Status.Net files

  • favicon.ico
  • themes/base/display/css/display.css (Is it possible not to modify a core css file ?)
  • actions/public.php title() Better to have "Public timeline" configurable from config.php (Coming in 0.9.x)
  • lib/noticelist.php (Allow administrators / moderators to delete notices)
  • lib/deletaction.php (Allow administrators / moderators to delete notices)

New Mozillaca files

  • config.php
  • plugins/Mozillaca
  • themes/Mozillaca
  • banners see config.php $config['site']['images']
  • doc-src/mozilla-projects
  • doc-src/team
  • js/mozillaca-badge.js
  • js/mozillaca-ubiquity.js
  • mozillaca-badge-loader.gif