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April the 11th

Demo of 2 activities: http://www.mozilla.cat/drumbeat/stonesoup/

Dance Steps

  1. Identify Open Web tools (fresh and stable)
  2. Design new learning activities with them (like open code)
  3. Test and document sessions (releasing early & often)
  4. Publish online (video and documentation on the background)
  5. Spread the word, invite to test, integrate feedback

Curriculum of "Open Web" basic skills


  • Geolocation
  • Coding
  • Commons
  • Digital narratives
  • Extra

Next steps, questions

  • needs new tools ideas and how to connect them
  • Brett - see the Butter camp and Bobby's work.
  • Needs - to show how to teach with these tools, like p2pu
  • TO do - Bobby to work with Enric
  • TO do - Brett to give Enric the Chromakey library : )
  • https://github.com/webmademovies/ChromaGL - will be updated for better use in the near future
  • Matt - wiki page and roadmap very extensive. Great updates
  • Steps and modules for curriculum
  • Heather - suggested http://grassrootsmapping.org/ as a potential module as it meets the criteria. Heather@textontechs.com if you want more details. enric: they are the folks in our original popcorn demo - v. cool citizen science
  • TO do - Matt will work with Enric on a blog post . Matt -it is great that he is including other drumbeat programs. Hackasaurus and popcorn so far. next: p2pu