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Street view camera.jpg StoneSoup > Activity: Virtual walkshop
Owner: Enric Updated: 2011-05-13
Walk around different cities in the world, and take pictures of you there

News about this activity



Do a magic walk, run around your neighbourhood and other streets of the world. Look for nice views or rare things and take a picture of you there. Try also to imagine how's life in that place.

Skills to develop: orientation | empathy | image editing

Activity goals


// The activity tries to stimulate this kind of knowledge and skills:

  • Motivate participants to learn about different cultures
  • Develop awareness of the importance of personal data
  • Activate skills for urban orientation
  • Activate skills for producing ready-to print images
  • Think about the potential (good and bad) uses of street public pictures

Previous skills


// Participants need to have minimum notions about:

  • Web browsing
  • Web searching

Stuff needed


// Make sure you have all this installed/near/working prior to the session:

  • Internet connection
  • One laptop for every pair of learners
  • Chromakey

Steps during the session


// Recommended sequence for replicating the activity:

1. Brief presentation about Google Street View (eliciting about the tool, and about cars with cameras)

2. Show one live example close to the session (eliciting about the places there) ideally pointing to people on the street and some of the most funny 9 eyes images

3. Brief technical presentation of Google Street View commands

4. (In pairs) find someone or something close to your home or school street and ask yourself questions about what's he/she/that doing there

5. Share information about your thoughts with the rest related to the finding

6. Jump to another city and look for a nice spot where to take a picture of you

7. Capture a cool picture and share it online if you like

8. Final reflections about the activity

Questions to ask


// Try to open these questions at the beginning of the session, or when the participants are doing mechanic tasks like pasting or cutting:

  • What's that car with the big camera? Did you see it before? How does it work?
  • How much world surface have those cars covered?
  • How does your street look like? Do you recognize anyone there in the picture?
  • How would it be if you could visit another city right now? Where will you like to walk around?
  • Which good or bad things can be done with all this detailed information? By whom?
  • Do you imagine other places apart form streets where this could work?

Related links & media

virtual_demo.png virtual_demo2.png

Samples you can use


// You can use these images and links as examples for your explanations:

Google car image


Google Street View example

Curious images

Artistic application

World coverage

Addon output example

http://imm.io/3DBT vs Cophenagen guy

Next steps


// Ideas and possibilities for continuing the activity, or homework for passionate participants :)

  • Create a t-shirt with you anywhere in the world. A different process that involves using a machine for printing clothes or a fine and fair online t-shirt shop, so participants can create some fashion with this pictures.


  • Get academic feedback
  • Get a web based chromakey easy to use (maybe the WMM one?)
  • Test with 8-10 years old participants