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Aug 30, 2010 Meeting Agenda

   * Weekly dial-in meeting, Monday, 8 a.m. PST
   * Canada +1 416 848 3114 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600
   * US or Intl. +1 650 903 0800 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600
   * US Toll-Free +1 800 707 2533 Conference number 7600
   * Mozilla Drumbeat -> #drumbeat | IRC channel

When you call in, you'll be unmuted by default, please mute yourself to keep phone noise down. Use "*1" (including the star) to mute yourself until you want to say something.


  • Call for agenda items
  • Drumbeat Festival update (Nathan)
    • Quick update on new micro-site, registration, venue
  • New project introduction (Ekua)
  • Project Fundraising (Chelsea)
    • upcoming fundraising plans for Universal Subs, P2PU SoW, and WMM
    • new idea / proposal for WMM fundraising
  • Other items? Add here!


Drumbeat Festival

  •  go to Get Involved page for ways to help
  •  Also a student rate
  •  two new pieces coming online: new tab / page on logistics
  • plus will also add "media" tab / page
  • almost ready to announce venue(s): art and design space called FAD, plus Macba design museum [NOT YET FINAL]
  • Mash-up reception keynote
  •  Also finalizing relationship with hotels and hostels

FAD English site: http://www.fad.cat/contents/view/home/lang:eng
MACBA English site: http://www.macba.cat/controller.php

P2PU School of webcraft

  •  12 courses total
  •  Pippa's class already has 97 applicants
  •  ways to help: blog and tweet about courses that still need participants
  •  P2PU: Tech Sprint in Barcelona: software that anyone can download and submit a patch to. enable community development.


  •  Goal: hack day OVC: idea for using popcorn on their own project



  •  localization / translation. translate.org in Johannesburg: leading organization
  • Philipp: FOSFA: happy to have Ekua come on board and animate that community
  •  Heather Leson: also had recommendation for Ekua (follow-up off list)