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May 31, 2010 Meeting Agenda

   * Weekly dial-in meeting, Monday, 8 a.m. PST
   * Canada +1 416 848 3114 Ext. 92 Conference number 7601
   * US or Intl. +1 650 903 0800 Ext. 92 Conference number 7601
   * US Toll-Free +1 800 707 2533 Conference number 7601
   * Mozilla Drumbeat -> #drumbeat | IRC channel

When you call in, you'll be muted by default, to keep phone noise down. Use "*1" (including the star) to unmute yourself if you want to say something.


  • Call for agenda items
  • Drumbeat Projects - Getting to Whistler
    • Web Made Movies - Getting a plan and making pilot
    • Projects in Europe - Early thinking from Henrik
    • Helping P2PU + Universal Subtitles develop demos and plan
    • Who do we need to get to these calls for next 4 weeks?
  • Events strategy
    • Brasil events
    • N America events (update?)
    • Event kit?
    • Helping projects make good use of our events
  • Beta Launch plan
  • Web site (Matt & Paul O.)
  • Web site copy & content (Mark / Dharmishta)
    • "About Projects" page, project initiator checklist, etc.


Use Whistler Summit as forcing function to sing on web site

  • Great pages on web site
  • Plan and budget for rest of year. Public roadmap on web site.

WebMadeMovies (Brett)

  • Focus for June: editing footage created since April
  • Create first beta episode
  • Grassroots mapping projects: connected through crisis camp at Drumbeat Toronto
  • Mapping oil spill and collaborating to make DIY citizen group maps
  • Google using it. Real-world application of open web.

Shift in thinking / focus for WMM:

  • More effort on the software side of WMM and HTML5 video and how that can impact storytelling
  • Showcase the potential of open video
  • Working with students at Sennca college: software sprint over June
  • Do demos
  • Idescale brainstorming site

Grant writing and funding applications

Canada Media Fund

Trying to situate WMM within that innovation

Bottom line for Whister:

  • First episode: about 7 minutes long. Bunch of open video hacks run against this content.
  • Much clearer public roadmap for rest of year

Areas for help:

  • How to help roadmap. Common format for all projects?
  • Writing it from scratch is difficult
  • Matt & Mark to help w. roadmap
  • Need someone to work w. Brett as designer to create micro-site for WMM open video demos

Henrik: European Projects

  • 1) Guardian new open news platform
  • 2) Also working on arts: Artzilla, free art & technology (FAT) -- intern joining for next month
  • Two Drumbeat-y potential projects to submit to site
  • Combining groups working on social networking / Facebook alternatives
  • 3) Bring these groups together and have them hack together

  • Brett: Link TV working on API stuff w. news organizations
  • NYT published their API (Links data model)
  • Link TV developed news platform (matches their videos against newspaper content)
  • Public service journalism and open web having same values

  • Areas for help:
  • Looking for interesting arts and open web projects
  • Ways to add value to existing open social networking projects



  • June 12 event: coming along well. Need to confirm facillitators.
  • Workshop WebMadeMovies: film-makers getting together and hacking together. To collaboratively produce video together one afternoon.


  • Event Kit: Draft of it ready for next week's call
  • European events: seeing interest in small 1 or 2 hour
  • Following up with Berlin facillitator training attendants


  • Working on support for taking Drumbeat to another event
  • San Diego, San Fran, Eli, North Carolina, Philadephia, Columbus, Chicago
  • New York: July 24. John Britton and Ben Moskowitz.