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short pitch


Make stuff. Meet friends. Keep the Web open.

one to two sentence description for the top of the website

We need to decide on final copy, from this:

Drumbeat is a

  • worldwide (or)
  • global
  • community (or)
  • playground


  • everyday internet users and kick-ass geeks
  • everyday internet users and awesome geeks
  • everyday internet users
  • innovation ninjas
  • people like you
  • [insert great idea here]

building OR working together to build OR collaborating together to build

  • a better web
  • a better web long-term
  • a better web for the next 100 years
  • a better web for users 100 years from now
  • a better web — and more open world
  • a better web long-term and more open world
  • a better web — and more open world for the next 100 years
  • a better web — and more open world for users 100 years from now

OR working together to keep the web open for users 100 years from now (or any other above variation)

Message for various audiences

What are the five things we want these groups to understand?

Key Audience
Our Message to them
People who don’t know/think about the open Web (think: your Facebook friends)
  • Remixability, decentralization, transparency and participation are not ubiquitous on the Web
  • You can learn about principles of openness and how they can benefit your on and offline life on Drumbeat
  • You can join us, even to participate in tiny ways like attending an event or sharing a project with your own social network
People who care already but don’t have tons of time to get involved (think: your boss)
  • You can join us, even to participate in tiny ways like attending an event or sharing a project with your own social network
  • You can learn about projects that may help work you’re already doing, while keeping the Web open
People looking for things to get involved with (think: the coders that volunteer for Firefox) (maybe we need an artist or librarian example for this)
  • We are a filter to help you connect with other open Web advocates
  • You can join more than one project
  • You can host a local event to meet other open Web advocates, even if you don’t have your own project
People who actually have an idea or project or are already engaged in an issue (think: *pick your favourite Drumbeat project*)
  • Our site is a platform to propose projects, organize events and build community
  • We are a filter to help you connect with other open Web advocates
  • If your project takes off, we'll get involved in introducing you to the right people, and potentially even fund you [this one needs better wording]

Re-usable copy

Key Message

Mozilla’s Drumbeat initiative facilitates a better, more open Internet by connecting a global community of people who take control of their online lives [this is passive, not active; it's already happened; needs to be current]. Drumbeat XwillX supportS artists, activists, teachers, lawyers, librarians, everyday Internet users, and of course geeks who XwillX keep the Web open for the next 100 years through exciting new projects and local engagement [can we be more specific?].

Drumbeat bolsters Internet lovers in building a better Web and more open world. The goal is getting [a whole new group of people] involved in our cause of making a better Internet. We are all about making and building, and we’re working out in the open together. We don't just talk about ideas–with your help, we build them.

What is the open Web?

The open Web, in short, is remixable, decentralized, transparent and participatory.

The open Web is:

  • Evolving and improving as we each remix existing parts of the Internet into something that is our own.
  • Decentralized in both architecture and control, ensuring continued choice and diversity.
  • Built on transparent technologies that anyone can study, use or improve.
  • Fueled by participation, in ideas, energy or media from more than a billion Internet users.

The Internet is increasingly becoming our global commons: a critical public resource over a billion people use every day to learn, innovate, trade, befriend and play. By explaining, protecting and building things around the characteristics of the open Web, Drumbeat can create a better Internet, an Internet that is even richer and more resilient.

Why does it matter?

Will the Web be open 100 years from now? We think it can, and has to be.

Aspects of the Web are open, but also many places on the Web remain closed. The openness is threatened by closed platforms and non-open standards. We see it as our role to create new ways for each of us to "own" our online lives, aimed at keeping the Web open for users 100 years from now.

Why is Mozilla doing this? Mozilla has made the world's best Web browser by engaging the greatest software developers in the world to help build it. In this way, Mozilla has been successful at getting people involved in the open Web movement, but it’s not clear that technology alone will keep the Web open. We have the ability to draw from our international platform and community in very tangible ways.

There are many who feel an affinity for this cause but haven’t fond a way to contribute–until now. Drumbeat stands as an open invitation for all audiences to become involved in the open Web movement.

Why Drumbeat Projects?

An online hub for your project. Your Drumbeat project pages provides an online "workspace" to help drive your project forward. Volunteers. Invite a global community of experts to donate their time and skills. Expert advice. Gain access to thought leaders and global visionaries in your field. Fundraising. Featured Drumbeat projects are able to accept contributions online. Seed funding. A small handful of the most promising projects will receive seed funding, with Mozilla matching amounts raised online.

To be filed

Introduced in 2004, Firefox has played a major role in ensuring the web has remained open, safe and based on technical standards that allow anyone to create and innovate on the web without asking permission from others. Firefox is developed and translated into over 70 languages by a community of approximately 20,000 volunteers and 250 paid staff. It is used by 350 million people around the world.

Building on the experience of Firefox, we believe that even more people can – and must – get involved in the cause of keeping the internet open. Artists, lawyers, teachers, filmmakers, anyone who cares about the future of the internet. These people have skills and creativity that can help make the open web stronger in very concrete ways. Mozilla is starting Drumbeat to make this new kind of participation possible, and easy.

The Mozilla Foundation is a global, non-profit organization that supports the work of the Mozilla community. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Mozilla also has offices in Auckland, Beijing, Paris, Tokyo and Toronto.

out takes

We believe four key characteristics have helped build and make this global commons great:
<li><span style="font-weight: bold;">Open.</span> Built on technologies that anyone, without permission, can study, use or improve.</li>
<li><span style="font-weight: bold;">Participatory.</span> fueled by the ideas and energy of more than a billion people.</li>
<li><span style="font-weight: bold;">Decentralized </span>in both architecture and control, ensuring continued choice and diversity.</li>
<li><span style="font-weight: bold;">Generative. </span>Evolving and improving as we each remix existing parts of the internet into something that is our own. </li>

Using Mozilla's existing international community, Drumbeat can help you find contributors, funds and advice to facilitate a better web, and also keep it open for the long haul. Mozilla also directly leads a number of Drumbeat projects of its own.

Drumbeat is for anyone who wants to lend their skills and creativity to the cause of creating a better internet. Teachers. Artists. Lawyers. Filmmakers. Students. Plumbers. Web developers. Anyone who uses -- and cares about -- the open internet. These are not the traditional contributors to the Mozilla project. But we believe that everyday internet users have ideas and energy that can help make the web better.