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Extension Development

Who Are You?

Michael Adeyeye

Can you lead this course in September 2010 or is this a general concept?

I will run the course in September. Contributions from the community (instructors and developers) are welcome.

What's The Major Project?

They will learn how to build packages (web browsers) from source. Participants will be involved in various project, such as UI enhancement and protocol integration. In addition, as part of their work, they will individually create an extension or work on existing issues/bugs. Although participants can use their choice browsers, explanations and practical examples will be based on the Mozilla Framework.

What you should know

  • Beginner/Intermediate Linux User, Mark-up Languages (XML, HTML, e.t.c), Scripting Languages (JS or PHP), CSS. They are more or less web programming languages. So, anyone with web development experience could participate. But you must have some experience with Linux OS, most notably Ubuntu.
    • The above skill sets are needed to troubleshoot or help you get around problems you might encounter in your research.
    • At the end of the course, participants will host their extensions on the MOZDEV site, provide a video demo or present screenshots of their work.

What you can expect to learn

To mention a few, there include the followings.

  • Building blocks of a web browser
  • Technologies, tools and available supports for extension development
  • Applications using the Mozilla Framework
  • Using XUL to extend the Firefox browser UI.
  • Performance and Security Best Practices
  • Setting up extension development environment

What you might learn if you work hard

  • Developing standalone applications (Mozilla Prism)
  • How to develop extensions for other browsers

Things we won't cover

  • How to use debugging and versioning tools. You will have to learn them on your own, though reference will be made to them.
  • We won't go into the details of XPCOM (macros, developing C++ XPCOMs).
  • New interfaces/XPCOMs in the Mozilla Firefox

Are you basing your course on existing courseware?

I am not sure. Is there anyone that I am not aware of?

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