Drumbeat/p2pu/weekly call/10 June 2010

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We have a weekly community call scheduled for Thursdays at 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific

  1. Canada +1 416 848 3114 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600#
  2. US or Intl. +1 650 903 0800 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600#
  3. US Toll-Free +1 800 707 2533 PW 369 Conference number 7600# 

join #education on irc.mozilla.org for backchannel chat.

Agenda items


  • Review new roadmap page on wiki

Competency map

  • Deadline & next steps for finalizing competency map?

Incoming course ideas

  • Cool course ideas are circulating on the P2PU newsgroup
  • What's the process / best way to capture them on Wiki, Drumbeat project page, etc.
  • Should we turn the course template into a simple web form for people to use?

Project update video

  • Once the roadmap is further along, let's use it as the basis for a 60 - 90- second video script that we will record next week


Other items?


Course Template

  • Who Are You?
  • What you should know
  • What you can expect to learn
  • What you might learn if you work hard
  • Things we won't cover
  • Are you basing your course on existing courseware?
  • If someone has a cool idea, make sure to bounce off the group to get more ideas

Comments on Template

  • Next step is to get more people to run these courses
  • Name in Template, added a field
  • What will I build, added to template
  • What course materials will be used

Proposed Courses


  • New developers or non-developers
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Story or theme around the project to keep people engaged
  • Collect information on the web text/media/images
  • Display and collect info related to the theme
  • People will make something on the project website
  • One website that everyone will work on

Web Development 101

  • Fundamentals of web development
  • Perhaps do a portfolio as first project

Logic (project Euler)

  • Implementing mathematically and computationally challenging problems
  • Build onto community of people who are already solving these kinds of problems


  • Common APIs
  • Twitter, Google Maps, etc
  • Programmable Web

Reading Code

  • Wordpress, Django, JavaScript Libraries
  • Demystify the black box of 'core' code
  • People can take advantage of open source

Data Mining on the Web

  • Stream processing
  • Real time data

Linux Servers for Web Development

  • DB
  • VirtualHosts
  • Amazon EC2
  • Shared Environments

Building Social on the Open Web

  • Open protocols as a distributed social network
  • Break up into groups and create an open source project
  • Real Time activity streams
  • PubSubHubBub, OAuth, OpenID, Activity Streams
  • Build a roadmap with pieces, build component by component so we don't get overwhelmed
  • All participants work on the same project

The Next Week

  • Mozilla Summit in 27 Days
  • Present P2PU Web Craft for feedback at the Summit
    • Other people in that community will want to teach
    • Better descriptions of each of the proposed courses
  • blog post, public call for courses
    • Simple explanation of what we're doing
    • Link to proposed courses
  • Competency map based on proposed courses
    • Won't be just a list on the wiki, should be graphical
  • State of P2PU Open Web blog post