Drumbeat/p2pu/weekly call/12 August 2010

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Agenda items

  • "Launching" and promoting the September semester [Matt]
  • Defining success / checking in on roadmap
  • SXSW (need help getting the word out) [John]

Agenda links

Who's on the call

  • Philipp
  • Alex
  • Matt
  • Equbay
  • John


... Philipp, Matt are taking notes

"Launching" and promoting the September semester [Matt]

  • Classes start: Sep 15
  • Sign-up opens: Aug 25
  • Sep classes end: Oct 27 


  • "Coming out party"
  • Launching the project in a big way
  • Announce sign-up
  • Mention that we need January course ideas (but not as main message)

Next step:

  • Matt to intro Moz communications crew on webcraft list (Philipp to intro Jane Park)

Defining Success / Roadmap

  • See last week's discussion


  • Panel picker - need your help to get support for the panel
  • John to blog and tag "mozilla" to get it onto the mozilla planet
  • Philipp to blog and get into ocwconsortium / openeducationnews