Drumbeat/p2pu/weekly call/13 May 2010

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Status Update


  • Not much to report, seems to be a steady stream of people who want to help in some way.
  • Assessment & Accreditation, many different groups are coming together
    • MacArthur
    • Carnagie
    • Ithaka
  • Need to work a bit on linking to potential employers, to corporation.
  • Do we have all the resources in place to go forward?


  • Big Picture, Drumbeat:
    • MoFo Board meeting, where is Drumbeat going to be in the next 9 months. Where will Drumbeat get in 2010.
    • P2PU Open Web Skills at top of list of what the board is excited about
    • Across the board, in the next couple months want a clear picture of what success will look like for each project
    • Need a map of necessary resources and trajectory of the project going forward
    • Funding approved for project up to $25k now, more later
    • Excited about being disruptive in education and how people get careers
  • Specifics of what we'll going to do in the near future.
    • Only three months before next cycle, want 5-10 other people leading courses.
  • Concerns
    • Curriculum, next round of courses
    • Accreditation hasn't started yet, don't know what we can get done yet.
    • Existing curriculum doesn't have project based stuff baked in
    • How do we build up the experts and get them engaged and confident in the project
    • Huge amount of visibility, not being credible is a risk
  • p2pu vision going forward, how you engage with experts, fairly clear overall curriculum with expectation of open web programmers but training experts not to teach top down


  • 'Massive disaggregation of every facet of the educational enterprise.'
  • Farm out loose feedback notes for editorial review
  • Evaluate total learning... list of courses + degree (ex: 1 year physics)
  • several conversations between p2pu, carnagie, macarthur, ithaka around authentic assessment to alternative accreditation
  • p2pu is a great testing platform for educational research
  • challenge - proposal out for funding three workshops @ macarthur, another proposal for another workshop
  • assessment experts together with p2pu people to talk about assessment. ground this project on open web dev project
  • Timing is unknown, nothing has been funded yet. Word is that people are excited and we want to move it forward, waiting to pull the trigger.


  • 'Mashing Up the Open Web' was a success
  • reflecting on what worked well in the course, blog post on the way
  • what is our goal for courses for august?
  • course of things that are interesting to the organizer
  • contacted a number of experts, continuing with interviews wikifying notes.


  1. Competency Map
  2. Call for proposals, demonstrate where your class falls
  3. Experts validate materials sit on the map
  • 5-10 courses on 'interesting' stuff see how they map, fill in the gaps
  • create competency map, create course, superimpose course on map (won't fill all needs)

Action Items

  • Make a spreadsheet of all contacted people for everyone to see on google docs
  • Write up discussions from people about p2pu open web
  • debrief on mashing up the open web
  • Competency Map - first cut by end of may
  • Call for courses out at end of may (with competency map)
  • course leaders ready and syllibi by end of june
  • open call with people who are interested in running a course
  • write up around weekly public call, next week leaders... following week publicize (john send email to list)
  • philipp - lucian, pippa ... more (focus on worker bees)

Lightweight Assessment

  • totally nieve attempt at peer assessment... five habits of an open web developer
  • expert vetting of overall curriculum map, largely agree that it encompasses skills and knowledge of open web development
  • evidence of acquiring skills by students


Reflections, what we do next:

  • First cut at quickly: curriculum & competency map
  • set of things we're trying to assess for
  • Early ideas of ways to use early assesment
  • Group of experts
  • Group of organizers (urgent)