Drumbeat/p2pu/weekly call/20 May 2010

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  • Recap from last week
  • Introductions
  • Call for Participants
  • Allied Media Conference Opportunity
  • Open Floor



1. granular analysis of p2pu open web map. perspective, thesis, short plan, to make people confident in the next round. Middle ground between high level and specific Mashing Up the Open Web reactions. What does somebody who wants to teach need to know?

2. everything else

  • state p2pu open Web
  • course recap
  • call for participants
  • vision/strategy video clip with Philipp (1:30)
  • course video (5 minute)

Get the people who want to run the courses then have them use community for revising. Need this stuff in time for whistler for the larger arc


Allied Media Conference

Detroit, 17-20 June Organizing Technology skills toward building new economy young, diverse, major hub for low income use of technology

Mozilla Sponsorship Promo space, table, advertisements

Drumbeat Open source to Open Community Panel

Loves the idea of P2PU, addresses a need. Affordable way to learn about new technology.

Workshop, two sessions 1. Defining curriculum that they want 2. Build a curriculum in the second session

Need to find two more people to send to the event to support the event. (may be too speculative) email p2pu-open-web about a person or two in detroit.


debrief on ahrash

more when he's back 1. super simple on accreditation (will link with other stuff from this week). open comments on projects, star rating system, no degree yet... creating a way of peer review to show success or failure use open web as a pilot for badges, rating, stars, awards, problem solving ability, unexpected ideas, etc. When you hire someone what are the things you look for (soft skills)? Come up with a way to represent them.

2. who should we talk to about the stuff we're focusing on to get feedback

Weekly Call


1. start to build up set of next level of organizers 2. rapidly evolve and build our plan

People to Invite

  • Lucian Teo
  • Pippa
  • Paul Osman
  • Denis Reddel
  • Acquia person from p2pu-open-web mailing list
  • open-web-list
  • participants from the last course
  • Jessey Cowan-Sharp

Next Week

  • Review recruitment plan
  • Reactions to media produced this week

people behind opera curriculum and wasp curriculum need to be roped into expert working group asap get to all of the authors, what are we asking them... who is the coordinator of it all, what are we going to ask him.


1. high level explanation 2. what we can teach in september (john) 3. next semester (everyone together) 4. one year milestones

using existing content to build project based courses hackers habitus - assessment of open source skills