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22 July 2010 - Call Details

We have a weekly community call scheduled for Thursdays at 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific

  1. Canada +1 416 848 3114 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600#
  2. US or Intl. +1 650 903 0800 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600#
  3. US Toll-Free +1 800 707 2533 PW 369 Conference number 7600#

join #education on irc.mozilla.org for backchannel chat.


  • Courses Proposed for September 2010
    • Any to immediately weed out?
    • Everyone to review and comment (either on wiki or email - to list or pippa directly)
      • Pippa to send email to the list to ask people to help with this?
    • Duration of courses / fixed or not?
      • Stick to 6-weeks for now (but planning to loose than for next round)
    • How "strict" in selecting participants?
      • Totally up to the course organizers.
    • How much documentation / courseware / scaffolding is required to get participants started?
      • There needs to be some documentation. Rather err on the side of people giving structure.
      • Philipp to send Pippa some links of good P2PU courses (with course organizers to speak to for more info)
  • Obvious Gaps in Webcraft competencies?
    • eg. advanced CSS presentation
    • semantic code
  • Assessments - Next steps
  • Charter
    • Vision / Content for SoW / Governance - working on first draft
  • Accreditation
    • Philipp is speaking with South African e-skills institute, who might go ahead and work on SAQA accreditation for some of the webcraft courses. Don't hold your breath - but if it happens, that would be cool.
  • Great Webcraft session at FISL (Mark reports back via back channel)
    • Will have some portuguese courses

Agenda links

Who's on the call

  • Alex,
  • Equbay (ekiflay)
  • Jessy
  • Philipp
  • Pippa (for the first part)