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Call Details

We have a weekly community call scheduled for Thursdays at 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific

  1. Canada +1 416 848 3114 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600#
  2. US or Intl. +1 650 903 0800 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600#
  3. US Toll-Free +1 800 707 2533 PW 369 Conference number 7600#

join #education on irc.mozilla.org for backchannel chat.

Agenda items

  • Any further agenda items?
  • Short general update (Philipp)
    • Report from roadmap meeting
    • High-level roadmap outline (2010 - 2011)
  • Call for Courses (Pippa/John)
    • Current status of proposals received
  • Logo
  • Video (John)
  • Map of the open web (Philipp)
  • Mozilla Summit
    • One Page Story (Matt Thompson)
    • Roadmap (Pippa and Philipp)
    • If there is one piece of feedback we most want from people at the summit, what would it be?
  • Other Events
    • Allied Media Conference (Nathaniel)
    • Drumbeat Festival / help getting the word out
  • To Dos summary
    • volunteers? things to be added?

Agenda links

P2PU School of Webcraft - Community Call June 24th, 2010

  • Short general update (Philipp)
  • Report from roadmap meeting in Mt View
  • Mozillians supportive and excited
  • New Name P2PU School of Webcraft
  • Logo

  • High-level roadmap outline (2010 - 2011)
  • spreadsheet
  • high level project plan for the internal / team

  • Call for Courses (Pippa/John)
  • Current status of proposals received
  • Have new coruse proposal form that is shorter (easier to submit)
  • Form is ready to go
  • Pippa to put into mailing list after call
  • Call to everyone: please forward to networks / communities / blog
  • Deadline: 18 July (so we can still get Mozilla community involved from summit)
  • Thanks for Paul and Jessy for chiming in on the wiki and help with competency map

Need a short paragraph about P2PU School of Webcraft to include in blog posts [TODO?]

What is the official landing page for this project?


  • Heather: can I use that image / logo for articles, blogs, etc.?
  • => Absolutely. Good to use logo to link back to project URL. p2pu.org/webcraft
  • Consider if logo becomes a prominent component of the project, in which protecting the logo a little bit is a good idea (trademark?)
  • Recommendation from Ahrash: Right now, not to grant people permission to "do whatever they want" with the logo. We can consider trademarking later.
  • Add terms of use, CC licence to logo on the wiki [PHILIPP TODO]

Images suitable for blogging with: Flickr group - use to add CC licensed images that would be useful. (Pippa TODO) - what should we look for to represent "online peer webcraft learning"?

  • Video (John)
  • Video recorded at Mozilla Mntn View - John and Philipp - guest starring Chris Blizzard
  • Also share Pippa interview (recorded by Philipp) with the group - if suitable, add to drumbeat site

  • Map of the open web (Philipp)
  • Using text based language to describe connections
  • Therefore able to be edited by all.
  • Philipp to import into OmniGraffle
  • Philipp to write up the process / tools used (blog?)

  • Mozilla Summit / One Page Story (Matt Thompson)
  • query from Matt: does the tagline work? maybe too long?
  • query from Matt: later headlines (4th or 5th headlines are getting weaker) - want input here
  • Open web developer training for the world. Powered by everyone.
  • Goal is 5 headlines -> sum up what is the project, why is it exciting
  • First "bad draft" later today, then turn over to the group
  • Feedback to the mailing list and to the bottom of the wiki page
  • Drumbeat Frontpage / wiki updated with the intro text (PIPPA TODO)
  • HeatherJ: In the 1 pager, Webcraft is positioned as alternative to private training, how about universities?
  • Pippa: Universities don't really offer webdevelopment trainin in the most efficient and effective way - web changing every 18 months, community of practice you can develop skills with
  • HeatherJ: Interested in building OER. I work for a company that delivers private training. Question: Am I a part of something here that is shooting ourselves in the foot?
  • Could be a showcase for expertise of trainers

  • Ahrash: This issue of positioning P2PU vis-a-vis business opportunities is really important. It would be good to have at least all of the active current team weigh in on the specific places where the there appears to be a conflict to see if we can resolve.
  • Philipp: totally agree about positioning as complementary (and supportive) of other businesses that support the same vision of more accessible high quality web developer training and certification

  • September 2011 goal
  • 200 courses!
  • HeatherJ - We'll change the world.

  • Mozilla Summit / Roadmap (Pippa and Philipp)
  • Matt: Key point about this roadmap is to present it backwards. Where is it going to be 18 months from now (if things have gone perfectly), where is it by the end of 2010, where is it in September/right now? Describe "changes of state" rather than "paths". What does perfect look like, rather than the task needed to get us there.
  • Matt: Have a look at Webmade Movie version - to see how others are using the template
  • Public roadmap is on the wiki - using new roadmap template

  • Mozilla Summit / If there is one piece of feedback we most want from people at the summit, what would it be?
  • Feedback on courses
  • Competency map
  • Potential advisors
  • Get input on what Mozillians want/need to learn
  • What are the things you need to constantly update as a web developer?
  • Philipp - Ahrash working on this:
  • Using LinkedIn to determine what it is that employers value most and what is recommended the most
  • Ahrash to provide an initial list in time for the Mozilla Summit - to get feedback from the Mozillians

  • Other Events
  • Allied Media Conference -
  • Next week (NATHANIEL TODO)
  • Drumbeat Festival / help getting the word out
  • Alina to report next week? Can we help

  • To Dos summary
  • volunteers? things to be added?

Competency Map and Learning Pathway documents.


  • Philipp
  • Pippa
  • Ahrash
  • Paul
  • Heather
  • Matt Thompson
  • Equbay Kiflay


... is taking notes.

Agenda Item 1

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Agenda Item 2

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