Drumbeat/p2pu/weekly call/27 May 2010

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Roll Call

Lucian from Singapore Pippa from Berlin Philipp ion Cape Town John In NYC Mark in Toronto Jessy in Washington DC Matt & Paul in Toronto


  1. Quick self-introduction, thanks for dialing in
  2. Call Agenda
  3. What is P2PU Open Web
  4. Competency Map
  5. First course - Mashing Up the Open Web
  6. Future Courses - Only three months before next cycle, want 5-10 other people leading courses.
  7. recruit course organizers
  8. The next month
  9. The next year (rough ideas)

What is P2PU Open Web

  • Free project based courses that help individuals learn open web skills. Vetted materials, recognition for completion, and a formal accreditation model in the works.

Reactions, Puzzles, Questions

  • badges ground people and make achievements easier to understand, let's do it
  • ahrash bissel works on assessment missing this week
  • All project based
  • something for your portfolio
  • open social learning methodology

Why are you here, how are you interested in contributing

Lucian in Singapore

Tyring to train people in new workplace on webstandards. Used opera but it didn't work because they learn in a differnt way

  • short class on design and then going backwards to the skills
  • testing out possible ways to create a curriculum around this
  • hard to take the course because it was really late at night in singapore
  • add an asia/australila timezone
  • interested in rallying people in asia.
  • organizing a course for his workplace and will try to rip it for p2pu open web

Pippa in Berlin

  • Teaches web based programming in a FTF school in Berlin. Interested in running very basic HTML/CSS class using WaSP.
  • run for p2pu then run again six weeks later FTF and compare
  • looking at idea of open learning models what happens to OER after being produced.


  • Assessment
  • Defining Course Ideas

Ahrash (via Philipp)

  • New assessment models for hackers attitude (things tech programs don't address)
  • Measured in two ways
    • aggregating community opinion or people rate contributions by stars
    • someone from the outside looks through portfolio and does a qualitative assessment of skills
  • basic outline ready by july


  • Handoff mashing up the open web
  • Getting more course organizers involved
  • Building an automated recognition system that is peer-based
  • Learning more about the open web
  • Organizing another P2PU course
  • Participating in a P2PU course


  • Developer
  • interested in getting involved in p2pu
  • interested in accreditation process
  • turing existing material into open course ware and documenting
  • potentially interested in teaching (need to know what commitment is)
  • opportunity for TA like role, can't organize but can help maybe you can be a TA
  • get more clarity on competency map
  • a lot of people who learned this may not be inclined to take a course, are there plans for an opencourseware model. people can take the courses on their own. will people be able to take.
  • Best OCW are things that evolved over time.
  • incentive for official certification
  • really good point, im an individual learner makes a lot available, because p2pu came out of OCW it is important to continue with WaSP competencies and other remixable content.


  • great courses, one paul could run
  • similar to mashing up the open web
  • open web protocols and standards
  • oauth, openid, pubsubhubub,
  • may be too deep


  • interested in helping tell the p2pu open web story on drumbeat site

Next Time

  • Talk about the competency map next week
  • how do proposed courses map onto the competency map
  • how can we iterate on course ideas and on competency map.

Target Course Organizers

These people have expressed interest in organizing a course and would be good candidates. Competency map would be helpful to them to understand what to propose as well as a guide to proposing a course.

  • John
  • Lucian
  • Pippa
  • Paul
  • Jessy
  • Brian
  • Alex
  • Dennis

Action Items

  • Move experts list to drumbeat page once they agree
  • Add affiliation to list along with agreement to be part of expert group to spreadsheet
  • Add list of people that we are recruiting for interviews to spreadsheet

Notes from Philipp


Pippa Jessy Mark Paul (Toronto) Lucian John Philipp Matt (Heather for a little bit)

John presented basic project idea and background, and spoke about experience with the Mashing Up the Open Web course.


Jessy: Is the idea kind of like boy scouts? You get badges for specialties you have? John: Yes, it's going in that direction - but we haven't figured out exactly how to do it. Don't want it to be too "childish", but badges idea resonates.

Jessy: Thinking about the people who have these open web skills. Many of them are not necessarily inclined to take a course / but they are pretty independent learners. Will there be an open course ware model as well? Where people work on their own - and submit their work at the end? There is some incentive for people to participate if they want some form of endorsement. Pippa: Being an individual learner and web developer I think this is an important point. P2PU will mostly help learners who are not in an institutional environment.


Lucian: I tried to train people at my new work - using the Opera curriculum. And realized it didn't work, because they learn a different way. People don't want to start with technology, but use-cases - have to consider how that would work for our courses. Currently testing out different ways of creating a curriculum around this. Happy to help you rally people in Asia and also see if I can design/run a course that I need for my job anyway as part of this.

Pippa: I am currently teaching web based programming in a face-to-face environment at the FH in Berlin. One of the things I am interested in is running a very basic HTML/CSS class (using WASP courseware) as part of the Moz/P2PU programme and then running it face-to-face with my class to be able to compare.

John: Run the Mashing Up The Open Web again (or help someone else to run it) and integrate it into the competency map. Work on the idea of badges - informal certification that does not require hierarchical involvement (expert review). Looking at stack overflow as an example. I am here also to be the point man for course development / competency map.

Jessy: Context for me - I am a developer. Really interested in P2PU and this seemed like a natural opportunity. Interested in the accreditation process / developing alternative models. It's something I could contribute to if there was an opportunity. Interested in turning existing materials (courses) into open courseware that becomes part of the curriculum. Potentially interested in teaching, but not clear enough on what that means. If there is an opportunity to collaborate with someone else as a type of TA role that might be interesting as well.

Paul: Interested in leading a course that is similar to the one John did, but focusing more on protocols and standards - hacking on the open standards (discovery protocol, open ID, etc.). It's a little more advanced and I am wondering if we'll get the right audience.

Matt: I am really interested in helping to tell the story on the drumbeat site. Excited to help make the page rock and drive participation.

Philipp: Everything. <talked about assessment ideas / Ahrash's role>


We need the map to start coming up with course ideas.

John will send around first draft by the end of the day. We can spend the week discussing by email and on the wiki.

Competency map will be the main topic for next week's call. John will present the competency map to the group and lead discussion.


TODO: John to move list of advisors onto the drumbeat page and add context (affiliation) and also what kinds of profiles we are looking for?

TODO: Philipp/John to work on 90 sec profile video.