Drumbeat/p2pu/weekly call/3 June 2010

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behind schedule, need to get on the competency map

list the technologies needed for a web developer servers, software, html, xml

come back to the map that we drew with chris blizzard

don't recreate courses in the same way as other schools, courses are projects and then we map onto the competency map

diagram out what exactly the open web map is. a picture is not enough allows the course designer to make a course that meets needs

how can a web developer self assess based on the map? give an explicit 'you can demonstrate this skill by showing xyz'

three pieces 1. what is the skill 2. how do you demonstrate it 3. why do you need it

information point of view...

self motivated learners are very goals oriented, specific needs of things they need to get done. they don't care about levels of difficulty.

i've got these things in my toolbox already. self motivated people are willing to say i need to learn this now even though it's really advanced.

proposed idea, work backwards from existing course to make a curriculum map

what competencies were needed as a pre-req what was gained can we test what they learned

end of tomorrow

Template from mashing up the open web template

  • title
  • pre-requisites
  • definite will learn
  • might learn if you try hard enough
  • things you won't learn
  • thesis on how to assess the skills, how the peer can prove it

sort of like a mosaic, award individual skills, after specific skills are listed fill in the gaps

iterate on the courses that are proposed

threshold concepts - when you've gone through a door, you can't go back. once you understand them it changes the way you think about things

firebug - http request is a threshold concept. firebug won't edit an actual site