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People Making Drumbeat Happen

This is a list of people actively involved in Drumbeat. Please add your name, blog or bio, and what you're interested in helping with.

  1. Adam Glickman: Founder of www.theidealists.com, an open source creative agency bringing together an eclectic group of professionals from the media and marketing industries to work on interesting projects and provide client solutions. Interested in lending support from the community on projects that require design, storytelling or production experience.
  2. Alex Kozak: SFC@Berkeley co-founder, Free Culture '08 co-organizer, Education Program Assistant at Creative Commons (ccLearn) - recruitment strategies, vision statements, evangelism (of course), connecting people with ideas, anything semantic mediawiki related.
  3. Alina Mierlus [[1]], (open) Internet and free software advocate, Mozilla.ro, Mozilla.cat, community marketing. Help on making people and european community understand "Why Drumbeat?" and promote Mozilla principles through grassroots campaigning. Let's beat the Drum in Europe!
  4. Benjamin Bedekovic: Founder of [HDpublish], previously (1996-2007) founder and CTO of global linxs, a company dedicated to knowledge management and search engine integrations in larger enterprises and multinational companies. Currently working on a search and web analysis platform for social web as well as general news data. Working since 1996 in the web world (CMS, Perl, Linux, PHP) and since 1999 fully dedicated to technical integrations with a deeper focus to research platforms and technologies like Lucene, Solr, Nutch, Autonomy, Google GSA, Fast Search, Vivisimo and others. Would like to find/discuss/define ways to open data (re)search to the public better and more efficient then through current single (search) data providers.
  5. Bogomil "Bogo" Shopov Evangelist, Blogger, politician and a digital rights warrior. Very interested in spreading the world about Drumbeat, working with governments, lobbying and building a Drumbeat community.
  6. Brett Gaylor, filmmaker and founder of [Open Source Cinema]
  7. Carlo Frinolli Creative Director/Front End Designer (Does Firefox on Coliseum sound familiar?), working on a small open source enthusiast company, which promotes open source design | Inkscape Gallery| GimpGallery and creative commons licenses for artworks.
  8. CitizenZiggy!: I'm here to help save the Internet. I love a good beat!
  9. Dharmishta Rood
  10. Dipankar Sarkar : Founder at [Mosambe] & [Kwippy]. Backend web guy who believes that the data should go back to the users. Has a vision of an internet where privacy may actually exist.
  11. Enric Senabre Hidalgo. Researcher/Activist/Manager interested in offline sharing dynamics and free online knowledge. Director of the last online Congress of CyberSociety, project coordinator at Citilab (UrbanLabs and Breakout) and teacher/PHD student at the Open University of Catalonia. I would like to help organising the Drumbeat festival in Barcelona and also propose a couple of projects related to printing formats and urban operating systems.
  12. Henrik Moltke, journalist and documentary maker, co-director of [Good Copy Bad Copy]
  13. Jamey Boje Graphics Designer and Front End Developer Banners, Promotional Material / Drupal [mozilla wiki]
  14. Gillian Kerr [blog], founder of RealWorld Systems, a public policy consulting firm working mostly with government and nonprofits in Canada and (in the last few years) Qatar. I'm interested in helping with the definition of short term outcomes and performance indicators for Drumbeat that will help people decide which projects are most promising, and how to measure their success.
  15. Gina Cooper: [personal blog], Netroots Nation founder, Partner, [Middlecoast Strategies], I love using technology to experiment in the social sphere, media strategy, event agenda planning, political strategy, community organizing, idea stream
  16. Jason Roks: [website] | [twitter]: A Digital Peasant, NetNomad, Internet Freedom Fighter and Friend of the Organism of Internet(s).
  17. John Britton: Helping out with the P2PU Open Web project
  18. Kerim Kalamujic - Mozilla Bosnia and Herzegovina founder, Moonlight Studio founder - really interested in helping Mozilla Drumbeat with brainstorming, web development, evangelism, community organizing, and other activities that require fresh blood :)
  19. Marcia Knous - Member of the Mozilla QA team. Very interested in helping plan events, especially in Italy. I think there are great opportunities to use these events to build our community, especially in Europe. I hear the beat of the drum now!
  20. Mark Surman - blog - general outreach and evangelism
  21. Michael Maranda - Digital Excellence Advocate
  22. Ned Schwartz website Designer and Front End Developer.
  23. Paul Booker Drupal / Open Source Developer (Mozilla Contributor, Sponsored by Appcoast) Launched Mozillaca to actively encourage Mozilla to find alternatives to using Twitter. I would love to see mozilla Drumbeat encourage Mozilla to adopt open social network alternatives to Facebook like Elgg and open microblogging alterntives to Twitter like StatusNet . Recently we have launched i < 3 theopenweb which is a community drumbeat project idea that aggregates content promoting the open web .
  24. Paul Youlten Co-founder of Yellowikis - the open source Yellow Pages and member of Wikimedia's Financial Sustainability Task Force.
  25. William Quiviger - EU Community Manager at Mozilla Corp. - really interested in reaching out to European Mozilla communities and finding out the best way to get them involved in the project - also, can definitely help with planning/organizing events of all shapes and form in Europe :)
  26. Xavier "Da Scritch" Mouton-Dubosc - Freelance web developer, open source and open format activist. Worked in the dark side of the mobility industry. Radio producer (one of the oldest still active french-speaking podcast) in a independent radio.
  27. [add yourself above. try to keep sorted alphabetically by first name]

Early advisors

This is a list of people we talked to early in the thinking process about Drumbeat. Many thanks for your sage advice!

  1. Allen Gunn, Aspiration Technology
  2. Asa Dotzler, Mozilla Evangelism
  3. Ben Scott, Free Press
  4. Bob Lisbonne, Pixazza and Mozilla board member
  5. Jamey Boje graphicsguru.
  6. Brendan Eich, Mozilla board member
  7. Bruno Magrani, FGV Brasil and Berkman grad student
  8. Chris Blizzard, Mozilla Evangelism
  9. David Eaves, blogger and negotiation consultant
  10. Elizabeth Stark, Yale Internet and Society Project
  11. Gigi Soh, Public Knowledge
  12. Gina Cooper, Project One Page and NetRoots Nation
  13. Glyn Moody, journalist
  14. Ivan Sigal, Global Voices
  15. Jenny Toomey, Ford Foundation
  16. Jesse Dylan, filmaker
  17. Jim Dempsey, Centre for Democracy and Technology
  18. Johnathan Zittrain, Harvard Berkman Centre
  19. Joi Ito, Creative Commons and Mozilla board member
  20. John Slater, Mozilla Marketing
  21. Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School
  22. Matt Thompson, SaveOurInternet.org
  23. Mitchell Baker, Mozilla's Chief Lizard Wrangler
  24. Nicholas Reville, Participatory Technology Foundation
  25. Paul Pangaro, former developer strategist at Sun
  26. CJ Maupin, former comms strategist at Apple
  27. Rebecca McKinnon, Global Voices
  28. Ronaldo Lemos, FGV Brasil
  29. Simon Heath, Pollution Probe
  30. Steve Song, Shuttleworth Foundation
  31. Suneel Gupta, Mozilla Labs
  32. Sunil Abraham, Centre for Internet and Society, India
  33. Vince Stelhe, Surdna Foundation
  34. Various staff at Creative Commons
  35. Paul Booker Drupal Developer