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WebMadeMovies Roadmap

18 months

Web Made Movies is a strong brand recognized as an innovator at the intersection of film and the web - proof that openness can win in film

[MT: This headline above feels a bit too long. and "strong brand" feels vague and weak. Should emphasize 3 - 5 "best in class" productions that inspire others and define open video as the gold standard in interactive.]

  • It is a vibrant, bustling studio - picture a movie set of the 1930s, where instead of props and a camera department, you have independent filmmakers, CSS hackers, cross-media scriptwriters, Javascript wizards, PHP developers and graphic designers all collaborating on cutting edge productions. The software and content people are working as a team.
  • At least 5 high profile productions have engaged with the lab to produce world-class experiences that showcase the potential of open video. These productions innovate not only technology, but how storytelling and narrative can evolve when woven into the web. They showcase what the open web can deliver as a platform that flash never will.
  • A collection of technologies including pocorn.js exist in the wild, driving innovation in unexpected directions
  • Buzz. Web Made Movies productions appear at film festivals and interactive events such as Sundance, TIFF, IDFA and SXSW. People reference Web Made Movies open video productions rather than current flash-based multimedia

End of 2010

We've laid the runway for the project, and are beginning to invite the world

[MT: This makes it feel like all we've done is "get ready." Maybe stress demos / reference implementations more.]

  • 6 Engaging working demos prove the advantage of open video
  • Filmmakers are eager to join the lab, bringing productions in all stages: development, production and distribution, to work with the lab
  • Web Made Movies has talent cued up to absorb these people and leverage their content
  • Popcorn.js is at 1.0, driving forward via daily work from students and Seneca College
  • To engage audiences, strong content is being produced natively by the lab to kickstart the process - a series of videos about the open web evokes our philosophy and helps our fellow travelers.


We're in active outreach

[MT: Can we stress more early accomplishment?]

  • Software sprints have taken place in Brazil, Lebanon and New York to advance popcorn.js and recruit talent
  • The project is on the road, recruiting filmmakers into the fold
  • The developer community is active online, solving problems and growing steadily
  • A full term course at Seneca College is devoted to Web Made Movies
  • 3 demos and episodes are circulating online

Progress to date

  • creation of popcorn.js – Javascript library for video
    • launch of a javascript library to maniplate browser based video
    • Associated resources to support development, ie IRC, Github, Lighthouse
  • Software Sprint #1 - partnership with Seneca College's Centre for Development of Open Technology
    • Continuing the tradition of Seneca/Mozilla partnership, the team behind the succesful porting of Processing to processing.js will begin the first HTML5 video javascript library for browser based video
  • Editing of initial videos for WebMadeMovies Episode #1 – what is the open web?
    • Content for this intitial sprint will include interviews with Jonathan Zittrain, Joi Ito, interviews from ROFLCon, local motors, The Village Telco and the GrassRootsMapping project to map the Louisiana Oil Spill
  • popcorn.js 0.1
    • a first release is open to the community