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E10s Update: April 10

Executive Summary

  • As of Firefox Release 52 (April 3) 52.82% of the total release population have e10s. e10s is only to add-on users with web extensions or actively marked compatible by the author. This is the plan of record until 57 which means half of all release add-on users will get e10s; that percentage should grow as add-on authors migrate to WebExtensions in coming months.
  • e10s for Firefox 53 is on track.
  • e10s-multi is enabled as of Firefox 54 Nightly, now with 4 content processes enabled. We are on track for enabling e10s-multi with 4 content processes on Firefox 54 Aurora. We are also working on the system add-on changes for an experiment in Firefox 54 Beta 1.
  • Our forecast for the engineering schedule tracks to being MVP as of 55 and we are working to uplift as much as possible to 54 with an eye towards shipping in 54 so long as we meet or exceed our release criteria (we are aiming for release 55 for initial roll-out, if we are able to activate multi for some percent of the release population for 54, it will be a happy surprise).

[ON TRACK] E10s-Multi

  • The team is currently focused on correctness, measuring performance and memory, and Scaling to 4 Processes. You can read more about what this means in the e10s-multi wiki. Basically, we are working hard so multi can ride the trains for 54/55.
  • The E10s-Multi plan is taking shape: our current forecast predicts that engineering MVP will be complete before the end of Firefox 55. We are currently 80% complete.
    • Our last hard Service Workers dependency bug 1346247 was just uplifted to Aurora 55 as of this morning. \o/
    • Beta experiment design has been determined and we are making progress with the system add-on changes and subsequent validation bug 1349363, bug 1352388.
    • Creating a detailed week-by-week release plan is a work in progress.
    • Final approval on release criteria and making sure any new telemetry requirements are filed.
    • Creating a test plan is assigned and currently in progress.

[ON TRACK] RTL Support, Touchscreen Support, A11y

  • E10s support for RTL versions of Firefox on Linux is still planned for Firefox 52 (Windows and Mac shipped in Firefox 50).
  • A11y and touchscreen support has landed in 51. Support Windows 8 and Windows 10 shipped in 52.
  • The plan is to ship A11y for Windows for Firefox 55.