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e10s Update: April 22

Executive Summary

  • For Firefox 47 Beta, we will continue to conduct an A/B experiment kicking off with Beta 1 and will deploy on April 27. We are targeting 50% of the eligible population and the duration is targeted at 3 weeks initially. If are crash rate decreases significantly we may be able to extend since we now have the stability dashboard that will make it easier for relman to decipher. This will be an ongoing conversation as we continue to analyze stability data and will be subject to approval by RelMan.

With the approach of Firefox 47 merging to Beta on April 25, stability and unearthing important details we need to line up for a staged rollout to GA remains our central focus.

Why yellow? e10s is designated 'yellow' or 'at risk' because:

Stability is our #1 risk. We also need to make progress on an issue with slow scripts.

Next Steps

  • 04/27: Firefox 47 Beta 1 Ships
  • 05/04: First derived data set available (1 week of data)
  • 05/12: Quality check point

Release Criteria

Add-Ons + WebExtensions

  • Working on add-on SDK issues mostly related to e10s
  • Outreach to add-on devs to help with e10s compat is ongoing
  • Next steps include getting a pref for testing without a shim

Automated tests

  • Everything we can have enabled in production is enabled, everything else is enabled on a separate branch called 'Ash'.
  • We have all tests be owned
  • We would like each directory signed-off by test owners week of 04/25
  • We're tracking all the tests and who owns them, here
  • We are tracking tests that are running and passing on some platforms, but are disabled on others.From a feature coverage point of view, it's in pretty great shape. There's very little that is disabled both on opt *and* debug on a same platform (meaning that that test is not running on this platform). Look for the "Fully disabled in a platform" entries in this spreadsheet.


  • Proposed technical path to encourage a11y clients to communicate directly with the content process bug 1258839. dbolter is getting some first impressions from clients to see if this is a viable approach.
  • We're also looking into Windows touchscreen/a11y compat, see more information as the plan is taking shape, here.


We are at the point where we are setting milestones weekly; given the complexity of deliverables, we are using a Trackback Schedule to keep everything organized.

Release Schedule

Date Trunk Aurora Beta Release
3-07 48 default 47 default 46 A/B Tests 45 off
4-18 49 default 48 default 47 A/B Tests, Possible Rollout (add-ons = ally = no) 46 off
6-07 50 default 49 default 48 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 47 off
8-02 51 default 50 default 49 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 48 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no)
9-13 52 default 51 default 50 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 49 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no)