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e10s Update: August 26

Executive Summary

  • The ramp up to 10% of of our eligible (41% of total GA population) continues. As of August 23, our client count on test is 810,379 DAU and stability dashboard our crash rate remains within range of our release criteria, in general things are looking healthy and we need more exposure to draw meaningful conclusions about the overall health of Firefox 48 with e10s compared to Firefox 48 without non-e10s. 48 has been a challenging release in general for reasons unrelated to e10s: our population has been skewed to new users and users on Mac OS X and Linux due to a start crash related to Websense bug 1291738.
  • When will we ramp to 100% of the eligible population? on 48? We are getting closer but we missed the August 22nd milestone. The aforementioned startup crash must be resolved for Windows users so we can get a baseline, then we will trigger to go to 100% of eligible. It will likely happen next week.
  • How are things looking for Add-Ons in Firefox 49 Beta? So far, there isn't any data that indicates we can't ship with e10s enabled for certain add-ons. There will be a go/no-go and roll out discussion on the 30th. Stay tuned.

Next Steps

  • 08/30: Add-Ons Go/No-go
  • 08/30: Increase population to 100% go/no-go
  • 09/12: Bug tracking and Team RASCI transition

Add-Ons + WebExtensions

  • So far everything is looking good for add-ons + e10s in the 49 experiments
  • General roll-out plan for including extensions is here.


  • A11y and touchscreen support has landed in 51! \o/
  • We're also looking into Windows touchscreen/a11y compat, see more information as the plan is taking shape, here.

Automated tests

  • We are at about 90% [https://wiki.mozilla.org/Electrolysis/Test_Coverage Test coverage for all channels. We have touched base with all module owners. Not all of them have signed off specifically but we are calling it within acceptable range for shipping at this point.

Multi Process

Bi-weekly meetings have commenced for e10s-multi, see more info:

Release Schedule

Date Trunk Aurora Beta Release
3-07 48 default 47 default 46 A/B Tests 45 off
4-18 49 default 48 default 47 A/B Tests, Possible Rollout (add-ons = ally = no) 46 off
6-07 50 default 49 default 48 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 47 off
8-02 51 default 50 default 49 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 48 Rollout (add-ons + ally = no)
9-13 52 default 51 default 50 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 49 Possible Rollout (known good add-ons = yes, ally = no)