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E10s Update: December 23

Executive Summary

  • As of Dec 16, e10s DAU on the release channel was about 31% of the general release population. These numbers fluctuate so the next step shot will be in early Jan.
  • As of Release 50, we shipped our first Windows Sandbox, see Asa's blog post
  • We are on track to enable the majority of Add-Ons with the exception of ones designated MPC=false by authors for Firefox 51
  • The target for enabling E10s-Multi in Firefox 53 Nightly still holds.
  • The target for enabling Windows touchscreen support still holds for Firefox 52 (Windows 10 users only) and we have decided to take more time to optimize A11Y client support during 52 and 53 with an eye toward 53.

[ON TRACK] A11y + Windows 8 Touchscreen Support

  • A11y and touchscreen support has landed in 51. We are still targeting 52 for release for Windows 10 touchscreen pending mid-aurora sign-offs.
  • We have determined .
  • We are basically in convergence and are tracking the issues we would like to fix before rolling out, here.
  • Touch events for APZ has landed in 52.
  • NVDA is the first client we plan on achieving compliance with. We feel that if A11y can work with NVDA, we should be at about 90% of functionality with other, similar clients.

[IN PROGRESS] E10s-Multi

  • Currently refining a release plan and release criteria for E10s-Multi.
    • We will be enabling E10s-Multi in Firefox 53 Nightly soon (likely just after the winter holidays) we are at the point where we have enough tests fixed or fixes ready to be landed that we are good with enabling and then immediately fixing what remains.
    • Having all tests fixed and regression fixes landed does block advancing to Aurora
    • General correctness, Shared Workers, Memory Usage measurements and other Telemetry measurements block [Beta https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1304547]
    • Stay tuned for a more complete project plan in early 2017

[ON TRACK] RTL Support

  • bug 1277831 E10s support for RTL versions of Firefox on Windows and Mac shipped in Firefox 50.
  • E10s support for RTL versions of Firefox on Linux has landed for 52.

Release Schedule

Date Trunk Aurora Beta Release
2016-03-07 48 default 47 default 46 A/B Tests 45 off
2016-04-18 49 default 48 default 47 A/B Tests, Possible Rollout (add-ons = ally = no) 46 off
2016-06-07 50 default 49 default 48 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 47 off
2016-08-02 51 default 50 default 49 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 48 Rollout (add-ons + ally = no)
2016-09-20 52 default (multi-lands) 51 default 50 Rollout (add-ons = yes + ally = no) 49 Rollout (known good add-ons = yes, ally = no)
2016-11-15 53 default (multi-enabled) 52 (multi=no) 51 default 50 Rollout Sandboxing for Windows, RTL support for Windows and Mac, and known good add-ons (MPC=true)
2017-01-24 54 default (multi-enabled) 53 (multi= no on Aurora) 52 default (a11y = yes, RTL for Linux = Yes) 51 (all addons except MPC= false)