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E10s Update: Feb 17

Executive Summary

  • As of Firefox Release 51 (February 17) 61.71% of the total release population have e10s. Note we are using usage hour ratio vs. DAU as a better way of calculating percent of population on release.
  • As of Beta 52, we still have 50-50 split of control and test. We are evaluating to see how small we can the control group to increase exposure on beta. We are doing this in preparation for the e10s-multi release plan.
  • The goal of 53 Beta and Release is to allow e10s to expand to all users, unless they have add-ons marked specifically MPC=False (not multiprocess compatible). See the full update from Shell, here.
  • E10s-Multi is enabled as of Firefox 54 Nightly with 2 content processes enabled. We will not ride the trains past 54. A forecast with an engineering schedule will be available on March 3rd, at the end of the 54 development cycle. Consensus is that we want to be ready for Aurora by the end of 55 but we don't have the data to measure risk until the end of the 54 cycle.

[AT RISK] E10s-Multi

  • The team is currently focused on correctness, measuring performance and memory, and Scaling to 4 Processes. You can read more about what this means in the e10s-multi wiki. Basically, we are working hard so multi can ride the trains.
  • The E10s-Multi plan is taking shape. The #1 thing we need is the engineering schedule. The milestone for that to be complete is March 3rd. Next steps include:
    • Making sure all work items/dependencies we are aware of and need to happen prior to advancing to Aurora and Beta are accounted for and broken down into small-sized pieces for the engineering implementation work.
    • Determining what Beta experiment design will need to be and making sure any new engineering work required for the System Add-On is defined.
    • Creating a detailed week-by-week release plan.
    • Final approval on release criteria and making sure any new telemetry requirements are filed.
    • Creating a test plan.

[ON TRACK] RTL Support, Touchscreen Support, A11y

  • E10s support for RTL versions of Firefox on Linux is still planned for Firefox 52 (Windows and Mac shipped in Firefox 50).
  • A11y and touchscreen support has landed in 51. We are still targeting 52 for release for Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • The plan is to ship A11y + Linux in Firefox 52, however there are A11y-related crashes on nightly and aurora under investigation.