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e10s Update: July 1

Executive Summary

  • The biggest news is that the stability release criteria for Beta 48 has been signed off on [1]. Slow script count is also within release criteria target.
  • We are also at 0 M9's (and have been) for a few weeks
  • As of this week, 569K users have been exposed to e10s in Beta 48.
  • Given that we have met all of our release criteria and we have not regressed since 47 beta, the project is now designated 'green' or 'on track' to ride the trains to GA and be gradually rolled out (1% at start) to eligible users (41% of total population) or about 800K users for the first 3 weeks.
  • So what's the release plan? We are working on a day-by-day snapshot of the activities that have to occur once Firefox 48 goes to GA. This is basically a small 'throttle team' who will be at helm of throttling e10s up or down (or disabling). This is driven by RelMan but will be supported by e10s subject matter experts so that decisions can be made quickly. You can refer to these docs for more info and WIP details: http://bit.ly/29mIbXs and http://bit.ly/29kiycI.

Next Steps

  • 07/01: Firefox 48 Beta 5 Ships
  • 07/06: Fourth derived data set available (5 weeks of data)
  • 07/08: HB Survey Review + Next Status

Add-Ons + WebExtensions

  • The first Beta A/B Experiment will be shipping as of August 3. Plan to have all changes made to teh System add-on and have it qualified by QA by July 18.
  • General roll-out plan for including extensions is here.


  • It's looking like the initial API support will land in 50
  • We're also looking into Windows touchscreen/a11y compat, see more information as the plan is taking shape, here.

Automated tests

  • We are at about 90% [https://wiki.mozilla.org/Electrolysis/Test_Coverage Test coverage for all channels. We have touched base with all module owners. Not all of them have signed off specifically but we are calling it within acceptable range for shipping at this point.

Multi Process

Bi-weekly meetings have commenced for e10s-multi, see more info:

Release Schedule

Date Trunk Aurora Beta Release
3-07 48 default 47 default 46 A/B Tests 45 off
4-18 49 default 48 default 47 A/B Tests, Possible Rollout (add-ons = ally = no) 46 off
6-07 50 default 49 default 48 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 47 off
8-02 51 default 50 default 49 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 48 Rollout (add-ons + ally = no)
9-13 52 default 51 default 50 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 49 Possible Rollout (known good add-ons = yes, ally = no)