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E10s Update: September 9

Executive Summary

  • As of Tuesday, Sept 6, we have hit 20M DAU
  • Our crash rate remains within range of our release criteria.
  • Increasing the population impacts our Engagement Ratio data; we need to give the MAU data time to catch up since we've deployed the increase. More on this next week.
  • The top issue we are investigating is bug 1300411 - user reports excessive load spinning when switching tabs with e10s in 48.0.2 release. Here is what we know:
    • There are 3 individual reports. One of which that is the most reproducible seems related to an issue with 1279086 bug 1279086 google docs. Testing is needed to confirm.
    • In order to better surmise the scale of the this issue, we are landing opt-out telemetry probes as of Firefox 49 bug 1301104 and bug 1301435.
  • How are things looking for Add-Ons in Firefox 49 Beta? STILL GREEN. There isn't any data that indicates we can't enable E10s with users for our Whitelisted Add-Ons and for Add-Ons created as WebExtensions.

Next Steps

  • 09/12: Bug tracking and Team RASCI transition
  • 09/19-20: Retrospective to be scheduled

[ON TRACK] Add-Ons + WebExtensions

  • Everything is looking good for add-ons + e10s in the 49 experiments and as stated above, we will ship Firefox 49 with a set of compatible Add-Ons enabled.
  • Decision Made: We will continue A/B experiments on Beta and will maintain the same % of the population (50% of eligible).
  • General roll-out plan for including extensions is here.

[AT RISK] A11y + Windows 8 Touchscreen Support

[ON TRACK] RTL Support

  • bug 1277831 E10s support for RTL versions of Firefox on Windows and Mac is on trackfor Firefox 50. Softvision has just signed off on RTL support for e10s in their mid-aurora sign-offs.
  • E10s support for RTL versions of Firefox on Linux is TBD.

[IN PROGRESS] E10s on Windows XP

  • We are making a concerted effort to support E10s on Windows XP.
  • Details can be found, here: bug 1296279

[ON TRACK] Automated tests

  • We are at about 90% [https://wiki.mozilla.org/Electrolysis/Test_Coverage Test coverage for all channels. We have touched base with all module owners. Not all of them have signed off specifically but we are calling it within acceptable range for shipping at this point.

[IN PROGRESS] Multi Process

Bi-weekly meetings have commenced for e10s-multi, see more info:

Release Schedule

Date Trunk Aurora Beta Release
3-07 48 default 47 default 46 A/B Tests 45 off
4-18 49 default 48 default 47 A/B Tests, Possible Rollout (add-ons = ally = no) 46 off
6-07 50 default 49 default 48 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 47 off
8-02 51 default 50 default 49 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 48 Rollout (add-ons + ally = no)
9-13 52 default 51 default 50 Possible Rollout (add-ons + ally = no) 49 Rollout (known good add-ons = yes, ally = no)