EU MozCamp 2008/Programme/L10n-drivers Team Presentation

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L10n-drivers Team Presentation

Mozilla's L10n-drivers will give a team introduction to the program of events. In this discussion, we will have each of the "drivers" give a pretty brief discussion about what they are working on. Team members and their topics include

  • Seth Bindernagel (sethb), Mozilla Localization long-term strategy
  • Axel Hecht (pike), Technical vision of l10n
  • Pascal Chevrel (pascalc), Web
  • Zbigniew Braniecki (gandalf), The future of tools; Community building
  • Staś Małolepszy (stas), Web-services overview on procedure
  • Chris Hofmann (chofmann), Testing

This is meant to be an overview presentation that sets positive and productive tone for the rest of the weekend. We will all present a snippet of activity and open it for new ideas and remarks.