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This content was created as part of a brainstorming session at MozCamp Eu 2009


Kiss IE6 Goodbye: End the Pain


  • "Kiss IE6 Goodbye"
  • IE6 R.I.P. August 27, 2001 to August 27, 2010
  • IE6 “Obituary Notice”

1 Sentence Summary

Get major websites and developers to sign up to a "no guarantee of support for IE6 after <date>", and use this as leverage in the “Upgrade the Web” process.


  • Reduce number of IE installations to an ignorable percentage
  • Give web developers great joy
  • Reduce costs at web companies
  • Enable users to enjoy the full benefits of the web
    • (Include a couple sexy examples or pain points here? How will the web be more awesome once IE6 is extinct?)
  • Make it easy for evangelists to pressure & help IT departments


  • End users still using IE6
  • Businesses with websites, particularly large web properties
  • IT departments managing IE6 deployments
  • Web developers, bloggers, and anyone who runs a web site
  • Evangelists to pressure & help IT departments

Potential Partners

  • Prominent / popular sites who agree to sign up to stop supporting IE6
  • Tech bloggers & Internet taste makers?
    • The big tech blogs, trade publications, and web sites (Slashdot, TechCrunch, boing boing? etc.) so that we can create buzz and awareness around IE6’s “death day?”


  • Wage a robust online campaign (Bongo), beginning with a simple one-page website:

IE6 makes web developers miserable and keeps users from experiencing the full power of the web. After

28th August 2010

the following websites will no longer guarantee to support IE 6:

YouTube [logo] Facebook [logo] 37Signals [logo] Wikipedia Digg Slashdot Orkut .... <list of hundreds of companies>

Could also include a simple countdown clock or widget counting down to IE6’s demise

  • "Behind the scenes" lobbying to get this list of major sites on board
    • Get the big online properties on board to use as a hammer and a magnet
  • Combined with a robust online campaign to get hundreds of thousands other smaller sites on board
    • Engage large numbers of people to step up and say, "I'm a part of this!"
  • Target web properties that are "mission critical" to many businesses as added push to switch
    • e.g., getting (or financial news feeds, or accounting applications) on board may be more impactful than Facebook -- because business IT managers have a more direct incentive to insure these business-critical sites are supported
  • Include support for small events (Conga), with slides and talking points that make it easy for local developers to raise awareness and spread the word in their own communities


  • Reduce number of IE6 installations
    • Current: <metric>
    • Target: <metric>
  • Reduce costs at web companies
    • (Can we give a quick example? Or suggest a <metric>?)
  • Others?