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This content was created as part of a brainstorming session at MozCamp Eu 2009


The Open Web for a 6 year old

1 Sentence Summary

Tell a story about the open web that’s simple enough for a 6-year-old to understand, so they can explain it to their parents, family, and friends.


  • Establish and communicate our key messages around the open web to kids and youth.
  • Learn from children what they know about the web, how they use it, and how they talk to others about it.
  • Use the language they use to describe the open web and why it's important.
  • Get children to take the message to others.


  • Children
    • Questions: Is there an age range? Should we break down kids and youth into segments?
    • Is there a geographic component? Do want to focus on kids in a particular country or region?
  • Parents
    • Existing Mozilla supporters who have kids and are looking to instill a shared set of values & principles? Would be interesting to poll / survey these users.
  • Teachers
  • Other trusted “kids online” web properties and partners?


  • Refine and simplify our message.
    • Map out our definition of the open web.
    • Do a sanity check on the message.
    • Refine it with non-tech savvy people.
  • Listen to stories students and teachers have about the web.Visit schools and talk to students and teachers.
    • what is good? what is bad? what is hard about using the web?
  • Poll or survey existing Mozilla evangelists with kids.
    • What kind of challenges / successes / pains are they noticing in terms of passing on their "open web" values to kids in a way that's easy, safe and fun?
  • Learn more about why and how kids use the web
    • learning
    • research (wikipedia)
    • fun (games)
    • interact with friends?
    • just consumers of content?
    • producers of content?
  • Show them cool things about the web they may not know
    • new web sites for education, research, learning
    • things that make them more productive and safer online
  • Find out what they think the open web means. See if our message about the open web connects with things kids already know, are worried about, or want to see improvement in.
  • Provide training to teachers around open web issues
  • Reach places where these parents are already gathering (e.g., Conga ground game)


To be added.