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Mozilla in Europe

  • 3/4 people at MozCamp EU read the Monday Meeting notes
  • but not too many interested in dialing in. (Video is better for non-native speakers than audio)
    • Gerv: "When the community feels smaller, it grows bigger" (tweet it! <- done)
  • some people consider their questions not to be important enough to get the whole project spend time on it - in result people prefer to use mailing list/newsgroup
    • Mike encourages everyone to be brave and ask questions But that would mean talking, not every likes that.
  • many people use nightly versions, some use localized nightlies
  • reasons not to use nightlies:
    • breaks addons
    • dangerous (may break something, remove your files etc.)
    • hard to find - please put links at a better place
    • there are three kinds of nightly builds -> confusing
    • downgrading is the land of unknown (bad experiences with losing stuff)
  • Why Firefox has been more successful in Europe than N. America?
    • Germany had good Netscape market and Mozilla took it over
    • Localization may be an issue, especially for smaller languages - but Mike thinks the numbers don't support that idea well
  • Engaged in development
    • attending meetings
    • staying informed
    • testing builds
  • Engaged in evangelism
    • advocating Firefox
    • spreading the word
    • enabling volunteers and contributors