EU MozCamp 2009/Schedule/Advocacy Track

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  • Creating a Mozilla DrumBeat for Europe - Mark Surman, Chelsea Novak (Mozilla Foundation)
    • Description: Interactive session: Road-mapping Mozilla Drumbeat for 2010.
  • Remixing the Manifesto - Alina Mierlus (Softcatalà, FSF Europe)
    • Description: An interactive session on how we can make the Mozilla Manifesto more comprehensible, so that everyone can understand its relevance in their lives.
  • Mozilla for Business - Bogo Shopov (Mozilla Bulgaria, EFF Bulgaria)
    • Description: Instruction on how to introduce Mozilla software into a business context, including needs analysis, presenting a Mozilla product and fitting Mozilla products into a business model.
  • Organising Mozilla Events - Mary Colvig (Mozilla)
    • Description: While the Mozilla project and its community have flourished online, events and offline collaboration and evangelism are critical to growing the community and furthering the Mozilla mission. Conferences, user groups, install days, developer days and more help foster participation and awareness of Mozilla and issues critical to the health of the Web. Learn how you can help evangelize Mozilla. Mary will cover the current events team infrastructure, speaking at events, how to organize your own event, and more!
  • Evangelization in non-technical events - Iacopo Benesperi (Mozilla Italia)
    • Description: Promoting Firefox and the Mozilla Manifesto in

non-software centric events and contexts, such as special interest fairs.

  • Macedonian Events - Gorjan Jovanovski (Mozilla Macedonia)
    • Description: Macedonian Events: Introduction of the founding of Mozilla Macedonia as well as the preparation and execution of the Firefox 3.5 launch.
  • Mozilla Europe Community Tour - Three mozillians on the road : Gregoire Coustenoble, Arzhel Younsi (XioNoX) and Sonny Piers
    • Description: On the road for 3 weeks, visiting Eastern Europe and Balkans and meeting Mozillians in the community.
  • Marketing in the Mozilla Context - Irina Sandu (Mozilla)
    • Description: Introduction to marketing concepts, and how they relate to the Mozilla project.
  • 5 Years of Firefox Brainstorm - Barbara Hueppe, Mary Colvig (Mozilla)
    • Description: Interactive session for ideas on how Mozilla should celebrate the 5th anniversary of the launch of Firefox coming up on November 9th.
  • Community Marketing Guide - William Quiviger (Mozilla)
    • Description: An introduction to the Community Marketing Guide, an online resource for all your marketing needs!
  • What's New In Catalonia (since last year) - Toni Hermoso Pulido, Eduard Gamonal (Mozilla Europe)
    • Description: Our hosts from 2008 tell us about the year for Mozilla in Catalonia.