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  • L10n Infrastructure: Improvements made, improvements needed - Axel Hecht
    • Description: Many improvements have been made to the Mozilla l10n infrastructure, including dashboard enhancements, nightly builds/updates, l10n-merge code, compare-locales output, and more. The l10n community is now being served with many tools and services that have been improved greatly over the past year. Additionally, many news tools are under development. This talk will cover all of these improvements made and improvements coming. Open discussion will take place on what more is needed.
  • Mozilla Community Sites: Evolving after the 1.0 launch - Zbigniew Braniecki ("Gandalf")
    • Description: A burgeoning community is growing around Mozilla Community Sites, something being driven by Zbigniew Braniecki and other community members. We will use this opportunity to chat about forthcoming features and how the community will grow the MCS project.
  • Productizing Firefox and a dashboard demo for "p12n" - Staś Małolepszy
    • Description: Staś will demo a new productization dashboard for the l10n community to use to track outstanding "p12n" tasks per locale.
  • Verbatim: Quick demo and what's next? - Seth Bindernagel, Fred Wenzel and Zbigniew Braniecki ("Gandalf")
    • Description: Verbatim is Mozilla's translation tool development platform. Imagine a day where one platform, via a web interface, could be used to translate all Mozilla properties (products, websites, marketing campaigns, addons, etc.) if a localization community chose to use it. Fred, Gandalf and Sethb are driving the project management and development of this concept. Our hope is to build a platform where communities can use a tool not only to translate, but also to gather new contributors to help localizing Mozilla projects. Our hope is that Verbatim will be an option to use. This project does not compete with existing tool applications. It's a compliment and this discussion will explain why/how this is true.
  • L20n and a piece of chalk - Axel Hecht and Jeremy Hiatt
    • Description: L10n 2.0. It's highly complex and incredibly innovative. It's time to discuss how Mozilla's code base might change one day to offer new, more dynamic and "real language" ways to localize code.
  • Koala: an l10n project for academic credit! - Adrian Kalla and Florian Schloegl
    • Description: Want to learn about a project where a Mozilla contributor gets student credit while developing a great tool for localizers? Come here Adrian's story.