EU MozCamp 2009/Schedule/QA Track

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  • Mozmill meets l10n - Marcia Knous
    • Description: This presentation will cover the basics of MozMill and how it is helping to increase the quality of the Firefox product with a special focus on l10n. There will be an explanation of the architecture as well as several demos.
  • Building the Mozilla Community Landscape - Marcia Knous
    • Description: The Mozilla QA team has undertaken several efforts to continue building a strong and vibrant test community. This presentation will briefly explain what we have been doing, but the primary purpose will be to brainstorm ways we can get the community mobilized and working. We will explore fresh approaches as well as build on ideas to improve existing processes.
  • Litmus 2 - Martijn Wargers / Marcia Knous
    • Description: The existing Litmus tool for manual testing has some disadvantages and limitations. That's why "Litmus 2" is being made by Mikeal Rogers. It will be designed to make it more user friendly and more usable for localizations. A limited overview of the initial "Litmus 2" implementation will be made. Feedback, questions and requests are highly welcome, as these will be used for the further development of the tool.