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Mozilla Education links academia and Mozilla. It is a place where educators can find the resources and help necessary to teach open source collaboration and skills for the open web. It is a resource for students who wish to make real world contributions in Mozilla development.

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Computer Science

Find resources for learning or teaching Mozilla development. Learn the internals of the Mozilla platform and how to extend it. Get help finding your way around in the Mozilla developer community across the world.


Invent the future of user experience design. Learn how to create prototypes and mockups for the next generation of Mozilla technology. Participate in the Mozilla Labs Concept Series through the Design Challenge.


At the moment, the best way for those with marketing flair to get involved with Mozilla is through Students can get involved as Mozilla Campus Reps. Also read the Community Marketing Guide for help promoting Mozilla.


Mozilla is looking for ways to get business students and professors involved in open source collaboration. Watch this space for future developments.


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Mozilla Webmaker builds tools, curriculum and community for teaching the web. Our mission is to teach and promote web literacy through tools, training and a global community. See our roadmap and get_involved page, or email the mailing list.

What's happening now

Help turn the open web into a rich learning environment using Mozilla's new Jetpack technology. We invite students and educators everywhere to participate in the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge.

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Get Involved

Join us on #Education using your favorite IRC client.

Status meetings take place on the second Monday of each month at 9 AM PDT (17:00 UTC until March 2010). The current state of Mozilla Education is discussed at these meetings, which are open to the public via telephone.


Unless otherwise indicated all Mozilla Education materials are available for reuse, redistribution, and remixing under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license (CC-BY).