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If you are a participant in the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge, then this is a quick checklist to get you started. Please complete all of the following before our first seminar on Wednesday 9 December 2009.


  • Create an account for this wiki
  • Make sure you and your collaborators are registered to the jetpackforlearning google group
  • Create a profile page for your project (including where you are based), and link to it from this page. If you already have a project workspace on another server, no need to copy the content over, just link to it. The idea is that this is a place where you keep others informed about your prototype as you are building it.
  • We are using Adobe Connect Pro for the live seminars. Please have a look at the system requirements and make sure you have access to a computer that meets them.
  • Get an IRC client and connect to the Mozilla #education channel and #jetpack channel. Here are some instructions.
  • Watch the Jetpack Tutorial (by Aza Raskin)
  • Install Jetpack from (bottom of page). After restart, about:jetpack appears and you can prototype and test jetpacks right away from the Develop link. Other than that, we are flexible, i.e. you can use whatever code editor you want.
  • Join the Jetpack devel group - this is the place where you can share technical questions and answers with other Jetpack developers:
  • As a place to store your code, we recommend Github for source control, but you can self-host or use any revision control system/site that you like.
  • Get an account for the Jetpack Gallery

If you have any difficulties with any of this please drop us a message into the google group.