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Add-on Bug Coordinator Notes
1-Click YouTube Video Downloader Bug 1047422 Tracy (DEAD END?) Unable to contact author via AMO
avast! Online Security Bug 1062555 Tracy (contacted. No answer to the first email studenyp@ is an unknown user. Havelkam didn't reply.)
Avira Browser Safety Bug 1066890 Tracy (IN PROGRESS) New version loads but doesn't work, dev is switching to addon sdk. Porting to WebExtensions possible, but unspecified bugs in webRequest
Google Translator for Firefox Bug 1166434 Giorgio (contacted) Good webExtensions candidate, no known blocker for porting to webExtensions.
Ghostery Bug 1101189 Giorgio (In progress. Bug dependency) For webExtensions, 3 bugs around chrome.runtime, chrome.tabs, chrome.webRequest needed.
Flashblock Bug 1192022 Giorgio (IN PROGRESS) partially shimmed, XUL heavily dependent on XBL
Yahoo! Toolbar Bug 1058530 Bill (IN PROGRESS)
Aol Toolbar Bug 1189571 Bill (IN PROGRESS) Has a working Jetpack version (unreleased)
IE Tab 2 Bug 1068060 Jim (contacted) Uses NPAPI to load IE

Somewhat working/uses CPOWs

Add-on Bug Coordinator Notes
Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon Bug 1186548 Tracy (bugdependency)
AVG SafeGuard toolbar Bug 912741 Tracy (needscontact) Jorge has contact
Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus Bug 1041071 Tracy (FIXED)
NoScript Security Suite Bug 1058542 Giorgio (contacted) shimmed + custom e10s with too much CPOW spam yet, being rewritten, XUL
FlashGot Mass Downloader Bug 1161597 Giorgio (contacted)
IDM CC Bug 1037190 Giorgio (contacted) (XUL, almost compatible, e10s code + CPOWs + problematic patterns, started a conversation, may be relieved by Web Extension API (have Chrome version)
Yandex Elements: Bug 1148819 Bill (contacted)
LastPass (need to get new SDK version released) Bug 1008768 Bill (needscontact)
Web of Trust (WOT) Bug 1102532 Bill (contacted) good candidate for WEAPI
Flash Video Downloader - YouTube HD Download [4K] Bug 946594 Jim (FIXED) XUL

Totally working

Add-on Bug Coordinator Notes
1Password Bug 1042195 Tracy
Adblock Plus Bug 930787 Tracy
CCK2 (Mike Kaply?) Bug 1194705 Tracy
Firebug Bug 1047248 Tracy
µBlock Bug 1185981 Giorgio
Stylish Bug 1185978 Giorgio
Tab Mix Plus Bug 1185672 Giorgio
PinIt Bug 1186190 Giorgio
McAfee Security Scan Plus detection Bug 1189419 Giorgio
HTTPS Everywhere Bug 1014986 Giorgio compatible, XUL
Kaspersky URL Advisor Bug 1194084 Giorgio Kaspersky Protection, installed by Kaspersky Internet Protection product, SDK, compatible
Amazon 1Button Bill SDK based, works 100%, has identical Chrome version
FireFTP Bill XUL addon, uses chrome: URL, works 100%, no Chrome version
Personas Plus (Mozilla) Bill appears to work 100%
Cliqz Gabor (no bug - not tested, german addon) awesomebar enhancer, also removes our searchbar... do we want add-ons to steal our searches? anyway it works flawlessly.

There is no chrome version, but there is a plan for it.

Download Statusbar Gabor works flawlessly, using a bar at the bottom of the screen. It is not supported by chrome.
Greasemonkey Gabor not finished with it yet, looks like chrome has a native support for these scripts...
United Internet Addons Gabor I tried web.de and gmx. There are typical add-on bars. Everything works just fine, no need for a bug. It has it's own custom searchbox, not sure we want to support that so much...
Vertical Tabs Gabor
Video DownloadHelper Gabor
Xmarks Gabor it's working flawlessly I don't think a bug is needed here
Colorful Tabs Bug 1114950 Jim xul
Download YouTube Videos as MP4 Bug 1047669 Jim xul
DownThemAll! Bug 1188835 Jim xul
Flagfox Bug 1188837 Jim bootstrap
OneTab Bug 1055019 Jim bootstrap
YouTube Video and Audio Downloader Bug 1187191 Bill
MEGA Bug 1189385 Giorgio boostrapped, HTML, hopefully they just need to fix Bug 1097530


Add-on Link Coordinator Notes
Norton Toolbar Giorgio (no bug - not tested - Actually "Norton Identity Safe Toolbar", installed by https://identitysafe.norton.com/ - marked as incompatible with Firefox 39 - Chrome version exists)
McAfee Site Advisor http://www.siteadvisor.com/ Giorgio no bug - not listed - blocklisted since March 14, 2011: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/blocked/i25
Yandex Visual Bookmarks Yandex web site Bill completely broken in Nightly even without e10s
Foxtab Speed Dial Bill According to AMO, this add-on has been broken since FF34
LogMeIn Remote Access Bill appears to use Flash instead of an add-on
Garmin Communicator Bill has an add-on that's really just a custom NPAPI plugin
IBM CCK Blog? Jim
Adblock Edge Bug 1048057 Tracy (addon discontinued in favor of uBlock)
GBBD Banco do Brasil Not tested so far

Mozilla add-ons (untriaged so far)

  • Mozilla Firefox hotfix
  • Mozilla Online Addons (over a dozen used in China Ed.) - what do we do here? can we get someone from china to test?
  • Release Management Testing Addons
  • Test Pilot (should decide whether we keep it)
  • Pocket (no bug - shimmed)
  • Firefox OS Simulator - installs and launches through WebIDE (under dev tools) -> runtime management. The standalone addon doesn't appear to do much of anything, but this seems true for both e10s and non-e10s. I think it might be obsolete (replaced by webide management / launch ux).