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Brainstorm - Tools for Measuring Responsiveness

Alex's Wish List

I met with Alex Limi to brainstorm a list of all user actions he wishes he could measure - ignoring priority.

General Scenarios:

  • Opening new window/closing a window
  • Opening a new tab
  • Trying to do anything with the browser when there is a long latency, how busy the browser is...waiting for something.
  • Awesome bar results - how fast it returns
  • Auto-complete in the URL bar (inline auto-complete)
  • Closing tabs
  • Closing down the browser
  • Going into and out of panorama (with large number of tabs)
  • Time from starting the browser to typing in a url
  • Resizing windows
  • Switching between tabs
  • Switching between tabs - where one tab is showing an image
  • Enabling and disabling toolbars/sidebars
  • Bookmarks/history - deleting, creating, moving in the "places database"
  • File dialog actions
  • Print dialog actions
  • Going in and out of full screen mode
  • Opening the download window
  • Opening any in content pages - add-ons manager
  • Switching between sections in the ad ons manager
  • Opening the prefs window
  • Individual panels within prefs - applications
  • Start/stop private browser
  • Clearing history (1 week, 1 day)
  • How long from when you signal you want to quit the browser to when the window disappears.

Specifically on Windows (some things render non natively on Windows):

  • Opening/closing menu

Meeting Discussion

  • We met to discuss the development of a tool to better measure application responsiveness.
  • We don't currently have something.
  • We will need something for Electrolysis that helps us determine how we are doing against our targets and helps pin point areas in which we will regress or have problems.
  • We would need to define our baseline machine - what's the minimum machine would should be using.
  • Some questions came up around garbage collection.
    • We could run tests without garbage collection.
    • We could keep garbage collection but be notified when it starts and stops.
  • In discussion with the Tools team it looks like there are some basics in place already that we can build on.
    • We already measure the time it takes to do things - do that in Talos now.
    • What is perhaps more difficult is what happens to these actions over time, after some period of usage.
    • We agreed that some visual on top of the data would be easier for developers and others to interpret.
    • The take-away is that we can probably develop something iteratively, starting with a short list of actions we want to track.

Next Actions

  • Sheila and Chris will pick out a list of 6 or so key actions that we would like to measure.
    • 1. Startup
      • Time between startup and visible window
      • Time between visible window appearing and the browser is completely responsive (type in a url)
    • 2. Switching tabs
    • 3. Opening a new window
    • 4. Quit the browser
    • 5. Awesome bar search results (how fast it returns).
    • 6. Right click menu.
    • 7. Responsiveness in foreground tab during page load.
  • Bob's team will group Alex's wish list into things that are easy/hard to measure.