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Meeting Notes

Goals status

We are tracking a number of short term goals and next actions...

  • Short-term goals post (bsmedberg)
    • Went out to the list.
  • Goals write-up and blog post (blizzard)
    • Yes, we still need this. Still pending. - goals write-up. Do we still need this?
  • Tools post (ted)
    • Ted - did he do the post? Not yet
    • Just talked to Bob - Ted is on it (likely next week).
  • Initial standup browser
    • Almost done with the initial stand up browser - waiting on reviews.
    • If Felipe finishes his work - is it good enough to create a playground for accessibility and dev tools?
      • Accessibility definitely
      • Dev tools - maybe. Probably start off with this and figure out what isn't there.
  • Dynamic analysis stuff (drew)
    • sent an introductory email with the scope of the problem and connecting him with the right resources.
    • Not followed up yet.
  • Still waiting on the tools to get more data on add-ons
  • Contact with gal or anybody on the static instrumentation work?
    • Dave Herman working on this - still getting up to speed.
    • Ben helping him with this.


  • Still need clarity on..
    • if content hogs the mail thread
    • single process for all content - can hog main content
    • multiple processes - should we be pushing this harder now? There is some set of work that we think needs to be done.
      • Is there an incremental step of a single process?
      • What are the tradeoffs of the interim step - what does the architecture look like.
      • pull cjones onto plugin stuff - he is currently mainly on the graphics stuff. Why is PDF.js a priority? (someone needs to follow-up on this)
  • Who is going to head up working with Dbolter on accessibility stuff
    • bsmedberg is currently fielding specific questions. dbolter talking to roc and bz about how to get this to work properly.
  • Clarify response time? blizzard - don't need to.
  • Need Consensus on having to do mulitple content processes.
    • Would like some framework about tradeoffs
    • ben - probably not influence the schedule as long as we get the right set of people on it.
    • Want to do it right the first time.
  • Blizzard - concerned people don't know what role they need to play yet.
    • bz and mbkap - how do they balance this with other stuff. Consultants on how to get other stuff moving.
    • Has anybody talked to Johnny? Blizzard will send him an email.'
    • Need to be clear about what we need them to do.