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e10s quarterly goals

  • We have short-term goals, do we have quarterly goals?
  • Hhigher level goal broken down by individual teams - DOM, graphics etc.
  • Damon wanted to think about how to structure it.
  • Firefox plan in place with staffing identified
  • Need key pieces of platform
    • Including dev tools and accessibility

Measurement tools

  • Bob done with measurement tools
  • Ted did the blog post

e10s Goals

  • Goals post pending (Blizzard)

Issues & next steps

  • Ben needs to talk to Damon about Dave Herman - not getting enough of his time.
  • Chris Jones - limited investment on PDF.js stuff - moving forward on progress
    • going to take over getting plugins working on multiple content processes.
  • Dynamic instrumentation stuff - drew has a patch - needs review and feedback from Blake
    • We have some next steps and need to turn this into a short term goal.
    • He and felipe will work on getting rid of some of the warnings we are getting
    • Should get a pretty good idea of what needs to change.
  • Ben - not too worried about the ff front end - Felipe is pretty much full time

Multiple content processes

  • Basically done
  • Not measuring memory usage and stuff like that
  • Basic feature identified - needs owners
  • Mobile? we don't know

==Extension usage metrics

  • Have met with bob moss
  • It's on the radar
  • Looking for a tool to measure how long to respond to user input
  • Identify which extensions must be compatible with content processes in order to reach 80% of Firefox users - need to work with the extensions team
    • Blizzard will try and meet with jorge and justin
    • Taking some time - hard to get stats, other projects in the way


  • No update on accessibility plan
  • Ben in TO next week - can follow up

==Dev tools

  • Ben met with dave camp this week
  • Have a plan to move forward
  • Write up due next week - getting it to work in process
  • Platform feature we need for dom inspector - inspector in same process as the content we are inspecting

==Responsiveness metrics

  • Blog this week
  • Next step is to get this in some deployment - talos metric
  • When do we need this by?