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Goals post

  • Blizzard has a draft ready.
  • Will circulate for feedback.

Short term goals


  • Plan posted to the list - people in TO for graphics/accessibility work week, so we made some progress here.
  • Short-term goal identified.

Dev Tools

  • Plan posted to the list.

Static analysis

  • Ben talked to Damon - Andreas had a contractor lined up but he couldn't get things lined up in the right time frame.
  • Not sure on status with this - Sheila will follow-up with Damon, see where we are.

Responsiveness tool

  • Ted has a prototype tool.
  • JP in MV next week - will get a timeline for the tools stuff.


  • Next steps? Check in with Ben when he is back next week.

Extension stuff

  • Figure out what extensions will we have to have working to get to 80% of our users.
  • Set of N extensions to make sure that 80% of our users are running everything in multi-process mode.
  • Sheila will follow-up with Fligtar and Jorge.